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SONGS THAT SLEIGH: Newcastle’s ultimate festive soundtrack

Have you wrapped your presents? Have you put up your tree? Are you waiting to share hugs with your family? Have you been good? Have you righted your wrongs? ‘Coz it’s time to celebrate with some Chrissy songs!

For three whole days, from the 23rd of December until the 26th of December Newcastle Live will play only the Songs That Sleigh – Newcastle’s ultimate festive soundtrack.

So, jingle your bells, light up your tree and celebrate Christmas, musically!

And we’re not talking your usual festive dross, everything we play will be absolutely boss!

Our playlist is stacked fuller than Santa’s sack with back-to-back Christmas tracks.

We’ve got tunes from Jimmy and Mahalia Barnes that will have you dancing and lifting your arms.

Delta Goodrem, Paul Kelly and Kylie Minogue – our livestream has gone totally rogue.

Ok, enough of the shitty rhymes – Click the play button below for an easy Chrissy soundtrack including some covers of holiday classics we recorded in our warehouse earlier this month with a stack of local artists.