SIT THE F**K DOWN! An open letter to ignorant concert goers

Newcastle Live contributor, Mick Murrell hates it when he goes to a concert and the people in front of him stand up, blocking his view. Incensed by the practice, Mick has submitted the following article in an effort to stamp out the practice. Where do you stand (pun intended) on the issue, are you with Mick, or against him?

Ever planned for months to see your favourite band or performer, got in early to get great seats and looked forward to the night like nothing ever before.

You plan the night; transport, parking, food, drinks, accommodation.

As the night gets closer, you play all their records and CDs, reminding you of all the great songs and the unforgettable memories.

The night comes, you dress to the nines, there’s a twinkle in your eye and an excitement in your belly you haven’t felt in years. You get to the venue, through all the parking hassles and queues. You get to your seat, it’s perfect, great view of the stage – it’s going to be amazing! You watch the assembled crowd and your skin prickles with anticipation. The lights dim, the show starts, your heart beats faster, you are there, you can’t believe it, the sound, the lights, the songs, it’s everything you imagined and more.

The show is amazing and you are into it! Then the artist launches into their classic number one song, one of your all-time favourites, and suddenly the person in front of you stands up and blocks your view! WTF!

Thoughts race – at first it is disbelief – how can someone be so inconsiderate?

Then the reality hits – they are being that inconsiderate! You try to see around them but that doesn’t work – frustration begins to seep its way through your body. You tense up and look around for an attendant – no one to be seen.

Then the anger sets in. You’ve paid good money for these seats so you can watch the concert in comfort. You decide to ask them nicely to sit down. They ignore you at first but you persist. It seems inconceivable that these people can not only be so inconsiderate but then they rudely respond to your increasingly desperate pleas for them to sit down?

What is wrong with these people?

If you are one of these ignorant people that places your own ephemeral fun ahead of others’, here’s a few tips . . .

If you want to dance, don’t buy a seat! They are called seats because people SIT in them. Buy a ticket to the mosh-pit or up the back where there is room to stand.

Try to understand that there are other people besides you in the world.

Know that karma will eventually get you. One day, somewhere, somehow you too will have something important; a dream, a goal, an experience – and it will be screwed up because some selfish little arsehole, just like you, is going to give you a bitter dose of your own medicine.

Okay, there may be some exceptions based on the venue or the genre. For example, if you go to a festival, standing up is to be expected and, if you’re heading to a heavy metal gig, chances are a comfortable seat is not on the top of your priority list.

But, if you are at a theatre, entertainment centre, club or any similar venue that allows space for both seated and standing patrons, and you find yourself standing in front of your seat – and in front of other patrons who have just as much right to enjoy the night as you do – move somewhere else so you’re not ruining everyone else’s good time.

Even at outdoor events such as those at Bimbadgen and Hope Estate in the Hunter Valley, there are many people who just won’t attend any more concerts at these venues because of the rude and often alcohol-induced ignorant behaviour of the moronic few. These doyens of the chronically dumb and thoughtless have forgotten to grow up.

For those who agree, I can only say sorry. I wish the world was full of better people. Being considerate to others is the first sign of being a good person.

For those who don’t agree and I expect there will be those who respond indignantly to this – you are the ignorant ones – have a good look at yourselves in the mirror and accept one piece of advice – SIT THE F**K DOWN.

Mick Murrell is a contributor to Newcastle Live. If you would like to submit an article to be published on our site please email


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  1. Even made worse when they think that they are to film the whole concert with a cheap mobile device, so you are constantly distracted by the glow of the screen. If you want to remember the event, by a frickin’ DVD you cheap bastards!

    • I went to see Elton John at his last Australian tour in 2017 in Hobart, and could not believe how people would go from their seats and walk up to the stage, basically creating a mosh pit. I saw the people sitting behind the crowd of inconsiderate pricks and could see the frustration on their faces (yes, even from 100 metres away) as they swayed their heads trying to get a glimpse.
      It is inconsiderate, and for you to criticise people for being ‘complaining old farts’ (I’m 23 btw), then you are ignorant and just as rude as the selfish patrons by the stage.

  2. Totally agree!
    Mick is spot on with everything he says.
    I went to see Fleetwood Mac at the O2 last Friday and all the expectations were just as Mick described.
    However , a young woman two rows in front decided to get up and dance mid-set,blocking the view of the couple behind . The lady asked her politely to sit down, but she refused. The young woman was the only one standing,and as she was blocking our view too, I also asked her to sit down. Unbelievably her male partner turned round , completely lost it, and was about to throw a punch ( !!!! ) in my direction, complete with agressive language when he was restrained by his companions.
    I could not belive such an “over the top” reaction,and the selfishness of his partner.
    From then on the evening was ruined for me.
    What is it with these type of people?
    I also object to people who say you have to stand up to really get into the music.How dare they dictate to me how I should enjoy my music !If I pay £125 for seat I expect to sit in it with an unobstructed view of the artist, not someone’s rear.
    I will not go to the O2 ever again – the experience has put me off completely.

  3. The last concert I went to – Earth, Wind and Fire, nobody was sitting down! My partner and I cannot stand going to concerts anymore, unless we can dance, for the reasons in this article. So few concerts allow standing- dancing anymore, so what’s the point?

  4. I went to the Newcastle Entertainment Centre to see Bryan Adams the last time he came here. I couldn’t have been happier when he said to the crowd “If any one tells you to sit down, tell them you came to a rock concert!”.

    I agree that some music styles more people will want to stand and others more people will want to sit.

    But have a look in the mirror Mick. Everyone paid the same price for the ticket and at a venue where there are only seats and no stand up options, accept that some people will want to stand up and dance to some songs.

    It would be rude for some one to stand up for the whole concert where most around them are sitting. But in my view it is also rude not to let those who want to stand up and move to a few songs do so as well.

    And either way – politeness is the name of the game. I am one who often likes to stand up for some songs and I’ve had those who have been rude in the way that they ask me and my wife to sit down as well as throw food etc at us. It just made me want to stand up for longer – and I think I may have. If they’d asked nicely I’d have probably said that we’d stand up for a couple of songs and then sat down.

  5. I totally agree with you Mick, it is rude and inconsiderate of people, every ones there’s to have a good time but standing up straight I front of you or a group of people standing up straight in front of you obstructing all the view of the stage is wrong and should not be allowed, we pay to see the concerts not just to listen.
    And not to mention it is dangerous for people to be dancing in there little tight spaces in front of there seats.
    I recently had a bad experience at a concert, where the exact same thing happened to me and my partner, we could not see the stage at all and security was right there and did not stop them. Or stop the people going down the front and pushing in front of the people who were seated down the front.
    I felt sorry for the people close to the front getting good seats and not being able to see.
    For one I would not stand up and be so inconsiderate or rude and block the people’s view behind us.
    There is no reason you can not have a great time sitting in your allocated seats and watching and listening to your fav bands.

  6. You are a hypocrite. You wanting others to sit down when they want to stand up and dance means that you are putting your own wishes first. Guess what? You’re allowed to sit and they’re allowed to stand. Music & dancing have always gone hand in hand. If you’re not willing to stand for the artist or if it’s not good enough just to hear them live, then you shouldn’t have bought tickets in the first place. I’ll do me and you’ll do you.

  7. I could not have said it better myself! Just last night, my husband and I had our evening completely ruined by the inconsiderate, rude, self-centered people in front of us at the B.T.&T. Center in Camden, NJ.

    My husband had spent $195.00 per ticket for each of us to attend the Jason Aldean concert as I am a big fan of Jason Aldean. I not only enjoy his music; but, more importantly, I greatly admire his continued support of finding a cure for breast cancer with his annual concert for the cure. I am a breast cancer survivor myself and last night’s concert was suppose to be a night out for my husband and I to celebrate the closure of my breast cancer journey and my victory over that God awful disease. Unfortunately, our evening did not turn out the way we had planned thanks to all the inconsiderate people who were standing, instead of sitting, in the six rows of seats in front of us. The final straw came when the drunk, dancing in front of us, lost her balance and the grip on her drink. Had it not been for her male companion catching the falling container, I would have been wearing her drink right down the front of me! As a result, we walked out of the venue during the opening acts before Jason Aldean even took the stage as, by that point, our evening had already been ruined and any and all enjoyment of the evening had already gone to hell in a hand basket.

    In addition to paying nearly $400. for tickets to see a performer who we didn’t get to see, we also drove over six hours round trip to attend that concert and paid $30 to park! I can only hope that you are correct insofar as that bitch karma will one day zero in on all those inconsiderate concert goers that I experienced last night. And for their own sake, they had better hope and pray that the bitch karma doesn’t dump a load on them of the type of adversity that I just experienced the past two years!

    • Sorry to hear of you experience. We had a similar experience where two girls stood in front of us and danced and sang the songs aloud. The lady beside me on my left stood up and danced almost spilling a couple of bottles of beer on me. About 10 of us could not see because of these three people and we repeatedly asked them to please sit down. They never did. We have not been to a concert for quite a while. I was shocked at the rudeness and self-centeredness.

      Here is something to think about as some people on here are talking about dancing when they go to the concert. The very definition of a concert is a performance of performers on stage playing music (in the case of musical performers). They are the performers, not the audience. It is not a participatory event. Are we saying we cannot enjoy music by listening and maybe tapping our feet, or armrests? Why is there is seat if we are not supposed to sit in it? I can be moved by music without having to be jumping around in front of people and blocking the view. Any some of the people who were drunk and think they were dancing, “not”.


      If we want to dance, then we should go to a club or bar where it is acceptable to dance and be “moved by the music.”

  8. The only time I will sit at a concert is if both my legs are non-working, its a classical piano concert, or its a song I really dont care about. Its a concert , hello….! They expect you to dance and groove not just sit there and stare. It’s not a tv, why would you sit there? and if you so choose to, don’t complain when other people are feeling themselves and the music. My worst mood killers at concert is when people go and just sit and stare, they don’t know the lyrics or nada, they contribute nothing to the atmosphere, its like ok…. why are you here?? I feel like its also an act of paying respect to the artist as well. Like at an awards show they stand up when its someone amazing. It’s the same for a concert in my eyes.

    *** People who stand don’t buy the standing tickets in front because it’s way more costly. Why don’t you sitters save the money and stay at home and watch it on youtube if you’re so inclined to sit on your comfy seat, you can even kick your feet up at home.
    *I dont’t hate people who sit but sitters dont be so bewildered to see true fans standing at a concert and gasp dancing, ohhhh my heavens. God forbid someone dancing to music.

  9. ALSO** I have to mention YES security guards don’t stop dancers because we’re allowed to stand, and we are allowed to dance. That pretty much cancels out this whole article. lol

  10. I am sorry but if you attend a rock concert such as Jason Aldean you have to know people are going to stand. I am one of those people who agrees with Bryan Adams when he says “IT IS A ROCK CONCERT!” You have the right to sit and I have the right to stand.

  11. I’ve found a simple solution to this discussion …… I no longer attend gigs that have seating unless I can stand; dance; jump; whatever moves me …. at the front. Works for me and pretty sure works for everyone attending. Melbourne has an abundance of venues that fit this need. So it’s “no” to stadium concerts for me and “thumbs up” for likes of the Forum; Festival Hall; 170 Russell etc …. + pub venues and festivals.

    So I think I’m saying give gigs a wide-birth if you can’t fine your perfect fit.

    On the flip side, my wife and I did catch Prince at one of his last performances (Melb Arts Centre early 2016) which was an all seating venue. Yes I broke my rule on this one. No one sat and thank-god for that. We gave a music legend the perfect send-off – an unforgettable evening for everyone that attended …….. God rest his soul!

  12. While I agree with the Bryan Adams mentality and would prefer to stand and dance as much as possible, my general rule is go with the flow. I won’t enjoy the music any less if I’m sitting because everyone around me is.

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