Singer/songwriters Karin Page and Tobias on songwriting, storytelling and living life on the road

It’s really the dream of any musician isn’t it? To travel, play wonderful music, and connect with the wider music community. There’s only so much you can do, tucked safely away in a studio, recording beautiful music. It’s a completely different experience, taking the show on the road to the masses. A chance encounter at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, saw Tobias, meet fellow singer/songwriter Karin Page. A mutual love of songwriting and storytelling saw the duo form a wonderful friendship, and have since decided to embark on a collaborative regional tour. Just before they hit the road this weekend with their sights set on Sunset Studio this Sunday the 30th of April, I caught up with Karin and Tobias to chat about the importance of storytelling through song, regional touring and the intimate connection between artist and audience.

“I love seeing a lot of the county and being able to go back to the same places is a really beautiful thing,” says Tobias of the life of a touring musician. Tracking back through their recent schedules, it’s as though touring has become somewhat of a constant lifestyle choice for the pair, but it’s so much more than a simple change of location physically, that attracted the pair to life on the road. “The main thing is making really great connections in those places, building friendships and creating fans. It keeps things really interesting, there’s something really beautiful about being on the road”.

Life on the road also offers some creative benefits as well, adds Karin. “I think that whilst you’re on the road, you learn a lot about yourself. You always find a lot of inspiration on the way. It’s not necessarily just in the landscape either, you’re constantly learning things about yourself. Things generally become a little bit clearer when you step away from the ‘everyday’ kind of life”. 

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Although Newcastle usually (and very thankfully) finds its way onto most touring schedules, an extensive, regionally focused tour can sometimes present as intimidating for any aspiring artist. As a collective however, Tobias and Karin made the conscious decision to bee-line away from the beaten track, to really seek out a specific target audience collective. “I think that audiences in regional towns certainly connect more to my music, and to Karin’s as well”, says Tobias. “There’s a deeper meaning in the country/folk/singer/songwriter thing that people connect with. I think that’s why we really added a few more regional places to the touring schedule. The audiences respond well and appreciate the sound. Really taking time to sit and listen to the songs and stories and really appreciate the sounds”.

As well as the obvious logistical advantages, Karin and Tobias touring together musically, makes a whole lot of sense. Tobias pens folk songs dripped in intricate layers of story telling, whilst Karin’s phenomenal voice could convert even the most adverse of country music fans. Whilst talking with Karin and Tobias, it seems the primary focus really is on fostering an intimate connection with the audience, through the true artistry of songwriting.  “My biggest thing is”, says Karin, “I like telling a story”. “People in Australia in particular, love a good yarn,” adds Tobias. “The art of country songwriting isn’t an easy thing to do, but Australian country music has this real knack of being able to tell a story… It’s just a great way to get to people’s hearts”.

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Playing individually and with a high chance at a collaborative onstage effort, it seems as though Sunset Studio is a perfect fit for the pair, when they bring their sound to our fair city on Sunday. “Sunset studios is a really great little venue”, says Karin. “It’s simple but it’s just perfect. It kind of almost has this lounge room feel to it you know. It’s probably has about a 50 person capacity, and you bring your own drinks and own food. It’s just a nice room for people to connect with the stories, it’s a really intimate venue and there for the listener… It becomes so much more about coming and hearing the stories and enjoying the experience”.

Is there a better way to spend a lazy Sunday evening? Immersed in story telling and wonderful songwriting, surely this is a gig not to be missed.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.