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SHOOSH: A reminder to watch your behaviour on the sidelines this winter

Spectators across the state are being reminded to watch their behaviour on the sidelines this winter.

The Shoosh for Kids campaign, which runs throughout May, aims to promote positive behaviour among spectators particularly when it comes to negative sideline commentary that may discourage kids from participating in junior sport.

“We need to ensure that our grassroots sporting communities are places where everyone feels welcome. This campaign is about keeping sideline commentary fun and positive so that kids and families feel encouraged to keep coming back to play each week,” Minister for Sport Steve Kamper said.

The message of the campaign is clear – if you don’t have anything positive to say, then shoosh.

More than 500 clubs across New South Wales have signed up to promote the initiative and access free resources to promote positive behaviour and send a message that abusive or violent people have no place on the sidelines.

CEO of New South Wales AFL, Tiffany Robertson said the campaign message works hand in hand with supporting officials and volunteers.

“It’s important to remember that community sport is run by volunteers,” Ms Robertson said.

“Not only should sport be a fun, welcome and inclusive environment for the kids participating but it should also be an enjoyable experience for the umpires, coaches and all the volunteers to keep them engaged in our game.”

Shoosh for Kids Winter Awareness Month will run until 31 May 2023. For more information visit