Sarah Blasko: 48 Watt Street 10th and 11th of June

I cannot understate the importance of representation, particularly in the music industry. When I’d just started High School, a lot of the bands I was listening to at the time, were so far removed from the person I was and the person I wanted to be, that I never really saw any of the artists as relatable. It wasn’t until I was introduced to a powerful string of female singer songwriters, that I finally started to really get the whole point of music. Sarah Blasko is one of those artists. Someone whose songwriting, story telling, and dedication to her craft, really shaped the majority of my formative years, and this weekend at 48 Watt street, with two sold out performances, she shone.

A decadent and veteran performer with a vast back catalogue to draw from, Sarah wowed audiences over the two consecutive nights, kicking off her first ever solo tour with success. Any doubts about a lack of a backing band were quashed instantly, with a haunting A capella performance of “Down on Love,” setting the standard for the sign of things to come. Each track was delivered purposefully and pleased both original fans and captivated the casual listener. A snippet preview of her up coming record, wowed and delighted punters, and “Read My Mind” was an exceptionally beautiful piano ballad, and an insight into the future expectations of the album. Blatantly comfortable on stage, Sarah’s banter was on point, particularly as she relaxed well into the performance.

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The performance wasn’t flawless, but I also think that’s part of the charm of shows like this but the main downfall, particularly as the instruments got progressively smaller, didn’t rest with Sarah. Rather the blame should fall on the rowdy ambience of specific punters. Personally I think the whole point of going to see a show, specifically one as intimate as what 48 Watt Street and Sarah herself command, is that you shelve the idle chatter running around in your brain for five minutes and I dunno, listen. But that’s my two cents.

An encore, (residing well within a strict three song encore policy) ensured punters left impressed and clinging to memories of a wonderfully intimate performance. “All I Want” impressed even the casual fan and, her rendition of “Flame Trees” was as always, outstanding. The transitions from guitar, piano and ukulele were seamless and overall, the Newcastle leg of her solo tour was an absolute success.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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