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TIP TOP: 6 sensational sandwiches to try in Newcastle today

The humble sandwich. A daily staple for many of us.

Just because they are reliable lunchtime regulars, that does not mean they need to be basic. Nor boring. 

Here are six of the best, most tasty sandwiches available in Newcastle right now. No cutlery required.

Onyx Rueben 

Onyx Espresso Bar
2/191-197 Maitland Road, Mayfield

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…pastrami, swiss cheese, house-made American sauce, pickles and sauerkraut all toasted on local Uprising sourdough.

Not going to lie, the Haloumi Toastie is also pretty wonderful here.

Banh Mi – Vietnamese Pork, Chicken or Beef Roll

Daily Bakehouse, Marketown Shopping Centre
Steel Street, Newcastle

Head over to new Marketown, you know – the side with Woolies and Dan Murphys. Here you will uncover Daily Bakehouse and all of their delights. 

Everything you want / need from a banh mi – a bit of veg plus succulent meat of your selection and all served in a crunchy, fresh-baked bread roll. Plus, you can pick up a little sweet for after. 

P.S. If you find yourself over at ‘old’ Marketown (which is actually looking pretty jazzy of late) you can also pick up a banh mi from Lotus Express.

A Number … from the Gourmet board

Civic Delights
389 Hunter Street, Newcastle

When you know, you know. And you probably even know the number of your favourite order. Off by heart. 

This is a lunchtime institution and it’s on the shiny ‘light rail’ red tram line – it even has its own stop. To quote the Civic Delights crew “with a schnitzel salad sandwich, you’re okay till dinner time!”

The Whole Entire Menu 

Chiefly East
177 King Street, Newcastle

Taking their place on King Street back in 2018, Chiefly East say “sandwiches are our business…..makin em big, makin em tasty, makin everyday….viva la sandwich” and we believe them!

Between the Newy Cheese Steak, a rotation of spectacular specials, sensational graphics and merch and, their weekly ‘sausage sizzle’ these guys are bready brilliant.

The Lobster Club

Scotties Seafood & Bar
36 Scott Street, Newcastle East

At $25 a pop this is not your everyday ‘forgot to pack your own sandwich’ kind of lunch but it is freakin’ delicious. Featuring lobster, sambal aioli, fried hashbrown, pickled red onion & cheese you can see why.

And for just $6 you can pick up their Chip Butty which is also carb-a-licious so you know, options.

The Classic Sando

Newy Fried Chicken
139 Maitland Road, Islington

When does a sandwich become a burger? And do we really care…

Newy Fried Chicken specialise in sandos and we love them for it. 

Our fave is the Spicy Mayo Sando but you can’t go wrong with the classic – juicy fried chicken, sweet vinegar slaw, comeback sauce & pickles.