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ROAST PORK & VEGIES: Join the roast revival for just $6 every Wednesday!

The roast dinner is having a massive resurgence at the moment – and why wouldn’t it? It’s a meal that covers many bases. It’s yummy, packed full of childhood memories and any plate with vegetables on it is heading in the right direction to achieve your “new year / new bod” resolution. And for just $6 at Wests every Wednesday during January and February, you can’t go wrong.

Where to join the roast revival

Wests New Lambton Bistro

Located on the ground level at Wests New Lambton, you have a range of options to choose from – but the roast is where you should be headed on Wednesdays.

Wests Mayfield Bistro

The Bistro at Mayfield is set in a large relaxing space ideal for dining with family and friends. If you pop in for a roast, leave some room for dessert, the Bistro here also offers a range of yummy desserts.

Wests Cardiff Kitchen

Along with all the 2018 Summer Sizzler special, the menu at The Kitchen at Wests Cardiff features all of your favourites, from the classic chicken schnitzel, rump steak, seafood and pasta, to burgers and salads.

Wests City Kitchen

Chef Matt heads up the culinary team at Wests City. If you’ve not been in since the renovation, do yourself a favour.. The food is on point and the table seating allows for large groups to sit, relax and really enjoy your meal.


The $6 Roast Pork & Vegetables deal on Wednesdays during January and February is all part of Wests’ 2018 Summer Sizzlers promotion.

There’s something for everyone on offer during the week. Check out the lineup below and visit for more information.

Monday: Fish & Chips
Tuesday:  Chicken Schnitzel & Vegetables
Wednesday: Roast Pork & Vegetables
Thursday: Grilled Fish, Chips & Salad

NOTE: $6 Members Price, Regular Size. No further discount applies. Valid for dine in only. Available from 5:00pm, Monday – Thursday during January and February 2018. Available only at Wests New Lambton Bistro, Wests Mayfield Bistro, Wests Cardiff Kitchen and Wests City Kitchen.

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  1. The roasts are not home made or at least do not taste like home made. $6 is very cheap for a roast dinner but they have the same taste as every other club. Pretty sad really.

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