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ROAR-SOME! Mega Creatures to roam Hunter Valley Gardens these school holidays

Venture a little deeper into Hunter Valley Gardens these school holidays and you will stumble across a spectacular display of giants that will thrill both parents and children alike.

Mega Creatures showcases some of Australia’s largest animatronic bugs, dinosaurs and dragons, and this year as the sun sets, speciality lighting will illuminate the menagerie of pre-historic beasts, creating a thrilling spectacle for all ages.

This gargantuan showcase will be on display from Saturday 27 March to Sunday 25 April and the one and only Easter Bunny will be making an appearance daily from Friday 2 April to Monday 4 April, and every child will receive an Easter egg!

Here’s a little bit of what you can expect at the Mega Creatures extravaganza.

All creatures great and GREATER!

Be amazed at a wide selection of animatronic insects, dinosaurs and dragons, including the 16m long animatronic Brachiosaurus, the gigantic spider-saurus, a 3m tall wooly mammoth, sabre tooth tigers, and even a flying Pterosaur!

All of your dino faves – the T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Spinosaurus and more will also be joining the party which will be running day and night throughout the gardens.

Mega Creatures Night Safari

See Hunter Valley Gardens Mega Creatures like never before. Special lighting has been installed to make the most of the giant Brachiosaurs, T-Rex, Triceratops, Sabre Tooth Tiger and Mammoths just to name a few, plus the new addition – the walking dionosaur!

You can also witness the summit of a 3m volcano erupting with an amazing lights display.

Mega Creatures Trail

A specifically designed app will be in place to make a more interactive experience for visitors to this event.

The app is FULL of activities including GPS located dinosaurs, fun facts about dinosaurs, a photo challenges and a dinosaur specific quiz!

Dino Egg Hunt

Here’s one for the super sleuths.

Each day a dinosaur egg will be hidden in the garden for inquisitive kids to find. The winner will receive a family pass to the Christmas Lights Spectacular and a dinosaur prize.

Fossil Dig

If you consider yourself a bit of a junior Indiana Jones, then you’re going to love the Mega Creatures Fossil Dig.

Don your archeologist’s hat and sift through the sand to unearth some lost dino bones. Are you’re eyes keen enough to spot some fantastic fossils?

Rides, rides, rides!

Mega Creatures is also home to an exciting array of rides such as the twisty and twirly Tea Cup, the thrilling Swing Chair, a traditional Venetian Carousel, and a spectacular Ferris Wheel.

Ride on!

Mega Creatures is on at Hunter Valley Gardens from Saturday 27 March to Sunday 25 April with two sessions per day (9am-4.30pm and 6pm to 10.30pm).

Head here for more information and tickets