Ricky Gervais explores grief and depression in the new Netflix series After Life


Tony (Gervais) had a perfect life but after his wife Lisa (Godliman) dies, things change. After contemplating suicide, he instead decides to live his life exactly as he wants, saying whatever he wants, whenever he wants, regardless of the other person or situation. The results are sometimes hilarious, sometimes confronting but always entertaining.

Why should I watch After Life

If you are a Gervais fan, you are in for a treat as he unleashes that biting, razor sharp, acerbic wit on the unsuspecting people around him. With his perfect comic timing and the introduction of some very unexpected characters (some who are satisfyingly fleshed out in a short space of time) within the first few episodes, this series quickly takes shape.

But not only is it a dark satire, it is also a rather sombre study in grief and depression. Tony regularly watches videos of his previously happy life with his wife and we are also privy to her final messages to him, reminding him of things such as which night is bin night and to take the dog to the beach. It is in these moments that we gain a better understanding of this sudden change and even forgive him his harsh words.

It does sometimes miss the mark and is very sweary, which I personally don’t mind but may offend some, and I am enjoying it very much. Tony says things I think we all secretly wish we could.

Gervais always keeps a tight group of actors around him, so you know there will be plenty of familiar faces….and anything with the eternally delightful Penelope Wilton is an automatic win for me.

Where to see it: Netflix
Release Date: March 8
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 6
Who is in it: Ricky Gervais, Tom Basden, David Bradley, Roisin Conaty, Kerry Godliman, Ashley Jensen, Penelope Wilton,


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