REVIEW: The end of an era as AVENGERS: ENDGAME brings the feels and the action

This review is spoiler free

It’s been just over a decade since Marvel released Iron Man, the movie it hoped would be the start of a successful cinematic franchise. Now, with 21 movies, box office takings of almost $19 billion and loads of other tie-ins, merchandise and TV shows, the end is nigh.

At the end of last year’s Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos had collected all the infinity stones and wiped out half the universe. The remaining Avengers have vowed to, well, avenge their lost ones, promising to do whatever it takes.

Now, if I even venture into plot, I will spoil something for someone somewhere, so all I will say is the universe is in ruins, those left behind on Earth remain stunned and devastated and have reacted in widely different ways.

But once our remain Avengers gather, it’s game on!

Oh, and if you think you know what you will be seeing, you’ re probably wrong. The Russo brothers have managed to take everything we already know, including the tried and tested ‘Marvel movie formula’ shake it up and give us something new.

At an eye watering three hours long, it was going to have to be something pretty special to keep everyone happy. While the first hour does drag a little, the movie hits the second hour running and does not let up. Not for one single second.

While the script does deliver the usual fun and snappy dialogue alongside the CGI laden special effects, Endgame is a much darker movie.

With the devastating defeat of Infinity War, this movie explores loss, grief and loneliness in ways that have only been hinted at in previous movies. You may want to pack a few tissues, just in case.

It was a nice surprise to see characters such as Hawkeye and Nebula more fleshed out and moved to centre stage this time round. In fact, Endgame provided more than a few surprises and one in particular, drew loud cheers and applause from the audience!

The Infinity Saga phase of the Marvel franchise ends here. A lot of loose ends are tied up, story lines are wrapped up and many questions answered. While not a perfect movie, it is a fitting end to an enormous project and with this many people involved, for this long, to have managed to keep (most of) its secrets until today……bravo!

4 stars

Running Time :  181 minutes

Release Date :  In Cinemas Now

Who is in it : Brie Larson, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, Paul Rudd, Chris Hemsworth, Karen Gillan.


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