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RENTING IN NEWCASTLE: The Application, The Competition, The Flatmates

Welcome to your own version of personal hell, actually, it’s my version of personal hell as well.

How long has it been since you’ve tried to find a rental property in town? Or anywhere for that matter. How about finding a room in a share house? Welcome to your own version of personal hell, actually, it’s my version of personal hell as well.

The Application

I’ve recently been in the process of putting in applications for different houses. And by recently I say, I’ve recently given up. I was someone who was scrolling on Domain at seven am (sometimes earlier) trolling gumtree and of course looking at Flatmates.

Every single time I put in an application or went to look at a house, I felt like I was selling a part of my soul. Anyone else? Just me? Surely not. The application always takes over an hour, especially if the Real Estate are precious and don’t use one form (can I say it’s called one form for a reason people) and every single time you need to beg for a place to live. Because let’s not beat around the bush, that’s what it is.

The Competition

Can I also talk about the fact that you always (always) need to offer more rent than the listed price? Why is that? Why is the housing market so competitive that you need to offer more rent, just to beat the other person (who is also struggling to find a house) to the punch.

There was a property up on Ocean Street in Merewether listed for $350. It’s a two bedroom, luxe place. Yes I know, it’s low but… that’s what the price was. Of course everywhere else in Newcastle if you’re looking for a rental and you’re punching around the $350 mark you’ll get a crap shack and hope that at least one of the seven doors into the property lock. There were over 80 people who applied for that property. And I am SURE that the person who secured that property offered at least double the rent. Double y’all.

The Flatmates

Also don’t get me started on flatmates. Every single time is like a weird interview. It’s like an interview but it’s just way more intimate and you’re trying to picture what that person looks like when they are hungover, sweaty, and kicking their one night stand out of the house.

Renting in Newcastle

So I want to ask you. What’s your worst house hunting experience? What’s your best? What have you been hoping to find in the rental market? What are you dreading? Tell me everything and let’s share all the horror stories together.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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  1. Looking for a rental in Newcastle is torture!!
    My family of 2 adults, 1 grandma, 3 kids and 1 small assistance dog have been looking for several months, applying (selling our souls) and being knocked back.
    We are now living in a serviced apartment as our lease ended and we had to move out!
    Our lives are in storage and our dog is in boarding and we have no end date as there are simply a handful of larger family homes to rent in Newcastle and even less when you are looking for a specific set up to factor in additional needs!

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