Reclaim the Night online this Friday

Reclaim the Night is a global protest against all forms of violence and sexual assault against Women and their children.

Traditionally, in Newcastle, the night march happens on the last Friday in October leaving from Gregson Park. But this year organisers are taking things online.

These marches have become an important symbol of a woman’s right to walk without fear at night.

This year, it is hoped that by encouraging people to post a photo to their social networks holding a purple glow stick, candle or torchlight with #ReclaimtheNight hashtag the movement will again demonstrate the community’s support for essential women’s services, demand justice for survivors and spread the message that no woman is ever to blame for male violence against her.

This is the first time the protest will be held solely online since the first Australian Reclaim the Night march took place in 1978.

Reclaim the Night online this Friday, 30 October. Find out more by visiting the Reclaim the Night Newcastle Facebook page.