GROWTH SPURT: Researchers reveal the music genres your plants LOVE!

Is that ficus in the corner not living up to its full potential? Does that Monstera Deliciosa balk every time you bust out a Kanye West jam?

Well, never fear because a bunch of UK botany boffins at Save Our Energy have been scouring Spotify plant-growing playlists to find the most popular songs to grow plants to and the musical genres our leafy friends enjoy most.

Ironically, the likes of Screaming Trees, Savage Garden, Bush, Supergrass, and even Robert Plant were nowhere to be found!

The researchers scoured more than 100 playlists on the popular streaming platform designed for growing plants.

They looked into which music genres, songs, and artists were most common in these playlists, as well as finding the average BPM and length of songs. 

And it appears that your potted pals are more inclined to shake a leaf to the likes of Tay Tay than, say Kendrick Lamar with the top genre for plant-growing perfection identified as pop, with an ideal tempo of 114 BPM and an average length of four minutes.

Indie folk and indie pop followed, before rock, modern rock, indie rock, stomp and holler ( a niche Spotify genre claiming the likes of Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers et al), hip-hop, dance-pop, and alternative R&B.

And when it comes to artists, the most common used in playlists for plants is Canadian composer and electronic music pioneer Mort Garson, who features in almost a quarter of all playlists analysed.

Not surprising given such song titles as Music to Soothe the Savage Snake Plant, Plantasia, and Concerto for Philodendron & Pothos.

However our home-grown talent got a look in with Tame Impala coming in fourth on the best artists list!

Check out the results below and grow, baby, grow!

Best Music Genres

 Music Genre Number of songs featured from artists of this genre 
Pop 1,233 
Indie Folk 733 
Indie Pop 721 
Rock 651 
Modern Rock 600 
Indie Rock 595 
Stomp and Holler 539 
Hip Hop 498 
Dance Pop 497 
10 Alternative R&B 465 

Most popular artists

 Artist Number of playlists that feature the artist out of 100 
Mort Garson 24 
Green-House 15 
Clairo 15 
Walter Wanderly 14 
Tame Impala 13 
The Beatles 11 
SZA 11 
Stevie Wonder 11 
Bon Iver 11