WE SCHNIT YOU NOT: Pizza Hut Launch New Pizza Schnitzel

Pull the fat pants out of the wardrobe because the evil geniuses at Pizza Hut have dropped the holy grail of combos they’re calling the Schnitzza.

The crazy invention is basically the ultimate schnitzel topper, bringing together some of Pizza Huts favourite topping combinations served on a chicken schnitzel base.

You can choose to have your Schnitty topped with four different toppings including Hawaiian pizza, Creamy Ham & Mushroom or BBQ Beef & Ham.

But surely the best way to experience the Schnitzza is with a classic Margherita which, when you think about it, is essentially a huge round parma.

Tamsin Lysons, Pizza Hut’s marketing manager said the Schnitzza was the “hottest food hybrid” of the year.

“We’re excited to bring Aussies an iconic part of pub culture, re-imagined in pizza form,” he said.

The Schnitzza menu is now available at Pizza Hut for $18 delivered or $15 if you’re picking it up.