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Performing arts school steps up for local families excluded from voucher scheme

Many local families have been disappointed to find out they discover they no longer qualify for the Active and Creative Kids voucher scheme in 2024.

Introduced in 2016, the scheme initially provided families with up to $300 to offset the annual costs of extracurricular activities like dance, soccer, cricket, and various creative pursuits. However, the recent changes have scaled down the program leaving many families off the eligibility list.

But a local Performing Arts School, the Australian Dance and Talent Centre in Cardiff, has stepped in to bridge the gap. Introducing their own version of Active and Creative Kids vouchers.

The centre allows families to claim these vouchers upon enrollment, effectively replacing the benefits lost due to the government’s downsizing of the program.

“The cost of Living crisis has hit everyone hard with prices skyrocketing and mortgage payments almost doubling in some cases. It’s affecting everyone- not just low-income earners and often extracurricular activities are the first to go when times get tough,” Director Louise Wilkinson said.

“We came up with a way to replace what families who no longer qualify for the Government vouchers have lost. Our families appreciate the offset and we as performing arts educators get to continue to do what we love- Instilling a passion for the performing arts in the next generation.”

The Australian Dance and Talent Centre offers a diverse range of classes, including dance, acrobatics, singing, musical theatre, and instruments, with over 70 classes available each week catering to preschoolers through adult students.

By offering these alternative vouchers, the centre aims to support families in maintaining their engagement with extracurricular activities while continuing to nurture a passion for the performing arts in the younger generation.

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