How To Have the Perfect Newcastle Sunday

One of my favourite phrases at the moment is “living my best life’. It was a new thing that started in 2018. I guess I just found myself actively wanting so much more than just a glass half full kind of life? Sure, the daily grind can get in the way so sometimes you have to segregate living your best life until Sunday. Small steps right? Anyway, want to know how to live your best life in Newy on a Sunday? See below for inspo.

The Farmers Market.

What a way to kick off your Sunday morning! Coffee, tasty treats, more tasty treats and scratch that retail itch whilst you’re at it. Why not commit to the #blessedlife and pick up some fresh produce setting you up to start the week off right!

The Ocean, obviously.

Now is the time to squeeze as much out of summer as you possibly can. Can you believe there’s only one more Sunday left of summer? ONE MORE SUNDAY! (I mean with global warming we can really swim right up until June but that’s another topic for another time). Nothing says Sunday morning in Newcastle like a trip to the beach. Towel. Sunscreen. Awesome salty water. Check, check, check.


Since you’re well on your way to living your best life, you’re going to need a coffee to get you through the rest of the day. As every Novocastrian knows, there are a million and one choices about town for coffee but my personal favourite at the moment has to be Esther C in Merewether (East Enders have to leave the Neighbourhood eventually right?). Great service, great coffee, even better smashed avo and will move you with ease into phase two. Don’t want to head to the other side of town? Try Haywire instead for a same same but different experience.

Doggos everywhere

Live in a rental and don’t (yet) have a dog? I hear you, oh so loud and oh so clear. Why not head to Horseshoe beach and pretend you do! At any given time there are so many doggos wandering about living their best life  and just wanting a few extra pats thrown their way. It will make you happy, them happy, everyone is a winner.


Working up quite an appetite living your best life hey? I gotchyou. Why not head to Newy Burger Co which is now located at the picturesque 2/11 Honeysuckle Drive. Grab yourself a burger, soak up some more sunshine and take a cruise down the foreshore and soak up everything Newcastle has to offer?

Beers, cider, etc.

It has to be about that time right? The time where it’s acceptable to have a beer in the afternoon and not think about how many ragrets you’re going to have come Monday morning? Why not go for a slightly boozier approach to that stroll and stop off at one of the many great bars along the way. Personally I’d recommend Moneypenny, great service, great dranks, great atmosphere etc. After one or two, even if you didn’t believe it after all of the fun things you soaked up that day, you’ll really be living your best life and be telling everyone all about it. As always, all of the above is always better with company.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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