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PAPERBACK HEROES: Best page-turners to get your kids into reading

As a bookseller, the thing I hear the most from parents is “my kid won’t read please help me.”

It breaks my heart to see parents try so darn hard to get their kids reading with little to no results not to mention a hell of a lot of resistance from the kids in question but… never fear our top five list is here.

Also, as a red hot tip, audio books are a great way to get kids reading again and believing in the power of imagination. Start with something you know they love and I can promise you, you’ll see them carrying a physical book in no time.

1. Nevermoor

Hailed as the Harry Potter for this generation Nevermoor is a fantastic series. It’s full of adventure and magic, and will ignite the imagination unlike anything you’ve ever read before. It follows a young girl named Morrigan, a cursed child born on an unlucky day who finds herself in the magical city of Nevermoor. It’s a great read, really easy to get into and recommended from ages 8-12 (but to be honest everyone will love these books!)

2. Folk of the Faraway Tree

A classic kids story is a great way to get kids back into reading. Not because it’s a story your kids will love, but because it’s a story you’ll remember and love and that means you’ll be excited about sharing story time too. The Enchanted Wood, Folk of the Faraway Tree, Matilda, Treasure Island, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan –the list goes on.

3. Anything by Anh Do

Anh Do is flipping killing it right now and the funny man has most definitely found his market with kids books. You’ll be hard pressed to find a kid over the age of seven who hasn’t heard of Anh Do and his Weirdo series. They are funny, super easy to read and are perfect for beginners just starting to read on their own.

4. Good Selfie

You can never have too many books with a positive message and Good Selfie is the latest to hit the shelves. Turia Pitt is all about championing young people, and getting young people to champion themselves. In a world dominated by social media I cannot stress just how important this book is! It’s also full of colour and amazing illustrations so obviously it’s a must have for anyone.

5. Anything by Jon Klassen

Jon Klassen is a Canadian author and illustrator and is my absolute favourite children’s author. Perfect for any kid with a dry sense of humour (or any adult for that matter) his books are funny, a little mysterious, and are perfect for kids who are looking for something a little different. This is Not My Hat is a perfect one to start with.