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OZ TUKKA: Native Australian ingredients produced right here in Redhead

A little Lemon Myrtle here, a pinch of Davidson Plum there. 

If you’ve spent any time watching Masterchef this year you will have noticed that native Indigenous ingredients are finally coming to the fore.

This is something that passionate Oz Tukka owner Linda Dipper will no doubt be celebrating.

Oz Tukka was founded in 2003. They specialise in bringing unique and rare flavours from the natural Australian landscape to the public.

The Oz Tukka range is seriously extensive. Offering native bush food spices, macadamia nut oils, macadamia nut dukkah, spice mixes and gluten-free muffin mixes, with Lemon Myrtle, Davidson Plum and Wattle Seed varieties available. 

A quick scroll through their website will offer a wealth of cooking inspiration with recipes and cooking tips & tricks galore. 

You can also place orders for the 100% Australian owned goodies, produced right here in Redhead, through the Oz Tukka online shop.

They’re sure to make you a Masterchef in no time.