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OUI OUI: A big YES to Choux Patisserie

Bastille Day is soon, the 14th of July in fact – a day of celebration for all things French. 

Now, we obviously won’t be travelling to Paris and sipping champagne on the Seine any time soon. So, the next best thing to do…eat something totally delicious with French origins, évidemment!

And that’s where Choux Patisserie comes in. Think glorious, light pastry filled with an array of delectable flavours. 

These are eclairs of epic taste and quality – the filling is some kind of velvet wizardry, always made with fresh ingredients and without preservatives. There is no way to eat one without thinking oh my days this is so yummagnifiquemmmmm etc etc.

The amazing range of sweets at Choux Patisserie are made by Nicolas Poelaert – an extremely talented French chef who has made Newcastle his home. The face of their market stall and now permanent outlet at Charlestown Square is his incredibly friendly wife Tara.

Together they can make your Bastille Day dreams come true. 

With flavours such as Tiramisu, Cinnamon Apple Pie, Chocolate & Brownie, Raspberry, Hibiscus & Lychee, Apricot, French Vanilla & Orange Blossom and Strawberry, Basil & Mascarpone – these rotate on a monthly and seasonal basis – the most difficult part about a trip to Choux Patisserie is trying to choose. 

You can peruse the Choux Patisserie cabinet and grab a coffee on Level 2 at Charlestown Square Shopping Centre.