Oddities we found on Facebook Marketplace this week

Everyone loves Facebook Marketplace right? Honestly I think it’s bringing back the glory days of a share economy and taking things to a whole new level! But along with your shelves, and movies and vintage clothes, there are some weird and wonderful things buried beneath the electronic pages and I spent at least 15 minutes, trolling the internet to find these gems.

Countless kitsch prints

Wolves howling at the moon is most definitely very popular, as well as any sort of landscape which is not actually a landscape but a mixture of teeny tiny photos, the more personal the photos the better of course. All of these prints tend to come in shiny gold frames, which are obviously perfect for any home.

Fabric samples

Are also extremely popular on Facebook marketplace. I don’t really know what or who would buy fabric samples, but there seems to be some sort of market for them so if you fit into this niche group, please contact us immediately so we can get to the bottom of this amazing phenomenon.


Always and forever. Tazos, Pokemon Cards, Furbies, the ’90s are back with a bang baby, at least as far as Marketplace is concerned. I will definitely have to admit it was very tempting to be presented with a full Tazo collection, although I’m just not really sure if there would be anyone else to trade or play with?

An Emily the Strange themed guitar

I just wanted to add this one to the list because it looks freaking awesome. It also fits into the category of nostalgia but it’s also flipping cool. Someone buy it before I do, please and thank you.

A limited edition plate featuring about 1000 cats dressed as monks

I don’t even know what else to say about that, except for the fact that it’s $30. Holy cats errybody.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.