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Oak Flavoured Milk Bottles to hit supermarket shelves

There hasn’t been a whole lot to celebrate in the last few months, but this is something we’re pretty excited about.

The makers of sweet sweet goodness, Allen’s have teamed up with our favourite flavoured milk makers, Oak to release Oak Flavoured Milk Bottles! And we’re all in.

This isn’t the first time the pair have teamed up. The last collaboration between Oak and Allen’s divided flavoured milk lovers when the duo released a range of Allen’s Lollies flavoured milk.

The release of Fantale, Peppermint Crisp, Jaffa, Redskin and Pineapples flavoured milk saw our Facebook page light-up with those excited by the collab and those that found the mix all too much for their taste buds to handle.

We asked you what you thought about the release of the Pineapples flavoured milk back in May and as you can see below, the response was… mixed.

Scooty Roddom: O…m…g….

Wade O’Donnell: It tastes as though someone said pineapple in the next room.

Justan Saundez: Get in my belly !!!

Peter Euston: Grew up in Hexham near OAK factory..Chocolate is the only way to go

Clay Ton: I’m keen to try the peppermint crisp and fantale version ….. loved the Chokito

Cathy Shay: You know how we say pineapple makes everything better? Not so sure about this!?

Marilyn Donnan: Yes please. They used to make pineapple milk when I was a child on holidays at tuncurry in the fifties and sixties

While Allen’s say that this Milk Bottle collab won’t hit supermarket shelves until August or September this year, we’ve already added them to the shopping list.