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NOVALÉ BATHROOMS: Zoe and Jason bring a touch of paradise in your own home

Don’t let the reno shows fool you, there’s an art to designing the perfect bathroom and Zoe and Jason from Novalé Bathrooms are the artists in residence.

Zoe and Jason know their herringbone from their subway tiles and they will ensure your new bathroom is fitted out with the most sophisticated fixtures and fittings, adding that bit extra to your tile and cabinetry choices.

We’ve all dreamed of a bathroom that oozes tranquillity while we soak our troubles away. While in reality most of us are wading through kids toys and half-empty shampoo bottles to get to our bath or shower, where we are then surrounded by beige tiles and insufficient storage space. Bathrooms are one of the most utilised rooms in the house but they are all too often they are at the bottom of the list when it comes to dishing out the TLC.

Bathrooms are a necessity and not just for the obvious reasons… Sometimes they are the only place you can get a bit of privacy in your home. We’ve all stayed in the shower, bath, (or even on the loo) a little longer than we needed just to avoid the kids or grab a few more moments to ourselves. And for that reason alone we think they deserve a little love. Forget the She Sheds and the Man Caves, we think your bathroom should be your own private paradise. And we can’t think of anyone better than Novalé Bathrooms to help you with that project!

Zoe and Jason from Novalé Bathrooms are just the people to create your tranquil tiled oasis. Getting the bathroom of your dreams is a pretty glam experience at Novalé. It all starts with a complimentary design service for every customer no matter their budget. This service includes free consultation with their interior designer, a free Visual Design Presentation with a Floor Plan and a free 360-degree render of your bathroom project.

So let’s meet the team…

JASON: Local bathroom specialist

Jason is a shopfitter and joiner with building experience in the residential, commercial and retail sectors. He is proudly bringing Novalé Bathrooms to his local area so that all Novocastrians can experience the quality and experience that a company like Novalé offers. With Jason’s quality workmanship, you will have the kind of finishes that you would expect from the most regal of homes.

ZOE: Interior Designer & Customer Service Consultant

Zoe enthusiastically takes part in the entire process from quote all the way through to handover. Zoe loves to see a space truly transform. With Zoe on the case you will have all the design elements, an amature would overlook, well and truly taken care of. The result is a design that makes the best use of your space while reflecting your style.

Get yourself the kind of bathroom that will have you soaking away your rough day in your generously sized tub while you look out of your carefully positioned window and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of your beautiful new bathroom. A bathroom that is clean and tidy thanks to the thoughtfully designed storage space. Ahhhhh… the serenity.


To find out more about how you can get a Novalé Bathroom in your home, check out their website.

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