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NEWY RECOMMENDS: Where to get a quality caramel slice in your part of the world

When it comes to perfect accompaniments to a great cup of coffee or tea, there are few that can hold a candle to the humble caramel slice.

Just thinking about that combination of chocolate, sticky, gooey caramel and biscuit base is enough to send event the most cynical of sweet tooth

We asked you, last week, where in Newcastle and surrounds serves top quality caramel slice and here are some of the top recommendations – in no particular order.

You’re welcome, caramel-holics!

Civic Digest

Wheeler Place, Hunter Street, Newcastle 

There was a fair bit of love for the sweet morsels served up at Civic Digest and it’s not hard to see why.

Elegantly adorned, perhaps the perfect portion to enjoy with a flat white, and a great balance struck between chocolate, caramel, and base. YUM.

Millers Pie & Sandwich Bar

334 Sandgate Rd, Shortland/416 Lake Road, Argenton

Geez, it seems this humble little suburban bakery can do no wrong, having recently made it into our Vanilla Slice, Sausage Roll AND Vanilla Slice polls.

Looking at the picture supplied by an eager fan of the bakery on Facebook, it’s all about simplicity with a Miller’s caramel slice. Well, simplicity and heft portion sizes.

The thick layer of caramel also looks absolutely delicious. Might be time to put the kettle on.

Home made

Your place

There is something to be said for the axiom: “You can’t beat home made.”

The extra ingredient of familial love that goes into every batch is what makes a homemade dish extra special.

In fact, some of this writer’s favourite childhood memories are of helping my dear departed grandmother create her ‘one of a kind’ caramel slice for family gatherings. Well, I say helped but the reality is that I was basically just licking spoons.

Xtraction Espresso

2/38 Bolton Steeet, Newcastle

If you are going to put up great coffee, like Xtraction does, you’d better hope that your bakery game is just as on point.

And it seems that when it comes to the humble caramel slice, these guys know exactly what they are doing.

As one eager fan declared on our Facebook page last week: “Xtraction Espresso obviously… fight me if you think otherwise…”

Strong words.

Bread and Water Maitland

6-18 John Street, East Maitland

Located at Maitland Gaol, Bread and Water is a 100 per cent gluten free cafe, and according to you, their caramel slices are to die for.

Just check out these testimonials. “Bread and Water next to Maitland gaol.
Its huge, affordable and 100% gluten free!” and “Definitely Bread and Water in Maitland. Best desserts and coffee ever.”

High praise indeed!

Written by Newcastle Live

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