Newcastle’s Raiding Party Return

At Mark Tinson’s recent Book and CD Launch, his band from the 80’s, Raiding Party, got up to perform on stage for the first time in many years. The result was a blistering performance of their single ‘Loveland’ and now, after many present called for them to stage a re-union concert, the boys have succumbed.

The Raiding Party were a staple gig for those seeking a night out featuring the finest local bands back in the late 1980’s. Playing regularly at venues like The Castle, the band built a huge fan base, mostly of adoring young females all too eager to support one of the city’s top acts (and as Tinno puts it, “the three insufferably handsome young men – Sandercoe, McVernon and Davis).

The Raiding Party was formed in 1988 by local legends Mark Tinson and Brien McVernon who had returned to Newcastle after working in Sydney. They recruited vocalist Ian Sandercoe, keys player James Davis and drummer Gary Wilson, later to be replaced by Steve ‘Mac’ McLennan.

The band’s debut single ‘Loveland’ was a piece of pop heaven for the hordes of young females who packed the front of every stage hoping to catch the eye of one of the performers. The single received significant local airplay and went Top 10. The follow up ‘Violet’ didn’t fare as well in terms of sales yet the band continued to play to packed venues every week.

Then things became a little difficult. As Mac puts it, “There were holes punched in band room walls, people thrown out of 2nd storey windows, heroin-addicted girl friends, road crew imprisoned, drink driving offences, self mutilation and Brown Water Syndrome”. One can only wonder but, then again, they were the days of excess and these were Newcastle’s real rock stars of the time.

In 1991, Sandercoe left the band to pursue a solo career and the Raiding Party folded.

Now, in 2018, Newcastle audiences get one more chance to see these rock demi-gods in action.

The reunion show will be at Lizottes on Friday, June 29. The show will also include the launch of a CD including Raiding Party hits as well as additional bonus tracks from various members in the post-Raiding Party days.

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