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Newcastle Sunday: Our way

There’s something just so intoxicating about the print medium. The one thing I miss most in my line of work, is engaging with readers in a place that exists far away from a screen. A place where words are held together by something tangible, and rich content isn’t something that we just scroll past, hidden amongst top five tips and obnoxious internet memes. A place where words exist to fill our minds with ideas, thoughts and perspectives and, most of all, stories. Local stories. Whether this be news, information or uplifting tales about the triumph of the underdog, as Novocastrians these are the things that really matter, to us.

But with the slow yet inevitable descent of corporate big business feeding, shaping and determining the way we communicate, as locals we’ve begun to ask ourselves, who are you to tell our story? Slowly, yet surely, Novocastrians have begun to lose faith in traditional media outlets, feeling the words and ties that bind us all together muddled by ambiguity and clouded by corporate greed. But thankfully, as all true Novocastrians know, when there’s a will, there’s a way. The ‘Newcastle Sunday’ way.

Bogged down by the white noise of traditional media outlets, passionate local Elwyn Lang sought to put together a team of local professionals including first rate journalists, photographers and publishing professionals, and has rightfully entrusted the local voice with local people, to tell local stories inside a brand new Sunday Paper. It’s about passionate Novocastrians, working tirelessly to reclaim our voice. Because honestly you can’t tell our story if you’re halfway between here and Melbourne, between sending edits to Sydney, and working within a cookie cutter system that’s somehow supposed to determine the voice of a very individual, and history rich, collective.

We are a town of passionate people. There’s absolutely no denying that. I also think we’re a very specific breed of passionate people who work hard, play hard, and back our own personal triumphs.

And it’s the local stories that count. Novocastrians are, and always have been, a proud bunch, but I think over time, the weight and strain of corporate takeover has diminished the values we place in the media. A gradual growing distance between the words we read and the experiences we, as Novocastrians, live through.

Because it’s not the print medium that’s dying, or the nostalgia surrounding it, it’s the trust we have in traditional big corporation media that’s dying. But the launch of Newcastle Sunday, this weekend, is surely set to serve as the olive branch between locals and those who tell the stories we love so much. All it took is for someone passionate enough, hardworking enough, and resilient enough, to put their best foot forward to restore our local faith in the print medium, and take back our stories.

The first issue of Newcastle Sunday will be hot off the press this coming Sunday, the 2nd of July, delivering the good news, to hold in your hands, each and every week. 

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.


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  1. Looking forward to the first edition.
    Oldies like me without a drivers license now
    will also appreciate the digital edition.
    Let’s hope it all works.

  2. Hi just read this weeks Sunday paper what a pleasure, sat in the sun & took one hour to enjoy every part of this great newspaper, thankyou to all the people involved, even the sport part was fantastic & only one Harvey Norman add !!!!!!!

  3. When will the ‘Newcastle Sunday’ be available at Ourimbah and Lisarow newsagents? We’d enjoy reading it down here!

  4. Loved the paper and local content.
    Extremely disappointed in the format of the TV programme. It is by far the worst of any paper I buy.No recommendations no description of coming programmes.

  5. Such a shame this local and informative newspapers has had to fold. I found it covered a comprehensive range of topics, sports, functions etc in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie areas and I looked forward to downloading it each Sunday morning. If Newcastle had supported and given this venture a “fair go”, I’m sure over time sales would have grown as word passed around how good and informative it was. Sorry to see it go.

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