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Newcastle maker sparking GLEE!

I first fell in love with Glee Art and Design by Teval Guner ceramics when I found their trinket dishes for sale at the Creative Village Store at Charlestown Square.

Gorgeous patterns and glazes and really reasonably priced. They became my go-to birthday gift (to many a squeal of delight).

Then I got into succulents and bought her beautiful little pots, and it went on from there. From mounted wall planters to elegant ‘lady vases’, every item carries a bespoke, hand-made charm and no two pieces are the same.

Moreover, Teval Guner has created a style that is distinctly her own and addictively collectable, so if you like keeping your purse full then look away.

Ok let’s start at the beginning. When did you first start making ceramic art and what inspired you to pursue Glee Art and Design?

“Whilst beginning my Fine Arts degree in Melbourne, I found myself really drawn to the art of sculpture, and I slowly began to indulge in the pursuance of that. One summer we went to a farm stay at Barkala Farm, home of Pilliga Pottery.

We did several workshops were I fell in love with clay,it was a turning point in my life.We did several workshops were I fell in love with clay,it was a turning point in my life.”

“When we came back home the first thing I did was enrol myself in Visual Arts/Ceramics course in Newcastle Art School. Eventually, ceramics became my art form that I am incredibly passionate about – which prompted me to create my line of Glee Art and Design pieces in Newcastle.

When I am creating my creations bring  great happiness and delight, hence the name Glee Art.”

One of the stand-out qualities of your work is not only the unique nature of each individual piece, but also the beautiful textures and colours of the glazes. What is your creative process?

“I really enjoy creating the out of the ordinary, organic and quirky pieces that are simultaneously functional as well. I particularly centre my pieces with a wabi-sabi philosophy – which is a Japanese worldview based around the acceptance of both transience and imperfection.”

What are some of the pieces you’re most proud of and why?

“My favourite personal creations are my ladies, and The Lovers series.They are extremely fun to make. They are eccentric and quirky.Most of them have a flaw of some  sort but that’s ok; it is the flaws that makes us so unique and this fact influences my art.”

I love that many of your pieces seem to celebrate themes such as femininity, motherhood, love and family. I get the sense that these are values very close to your heart. Who or what has inspired you to express this in your art?

“My family is my biggest support ,even in my biggest failures they have always helped me see the good in the bad.Love,kindness and friendship are my biggest values I am grateful for all the people that have crossed my path during this journey.”

You have a few Newcastle themed pieces that I think are really cool, not only in the way that they capture the spirit of the city, but also because I think it’s great for local identity to be expressed by local artisans. What is it you love most about Newy?

“Although I was born in Sydney I was raised in Turkey, completing high school and University. We have travelled a lot around the world and lived in many cities.Our hearts fell in love with Newcastle and friendly Novocastrians. I love everything about this amazing city but my favourite would have to be a swim in Bogey Hole and a walk from Newcastle East to Merewether.”

Do you collaborate with any other artists, manufacturers or creatives? If so, who?

“My styling is done by Creative Village Newcastle styling and photography is done by Lee IlIfield Photography.Some of my products are displayed at Baba Yaga on Darby street. I have collaborated some of my handmade ceramics with Keiki & Hale’s natural soy and coconut candles which are sold in several stockists through Newcastle.”

Lastly, where can ceramics-lovers find your work for sale?

“You can see me working away in my studio in The Hill, where I create my new items as well as sell some of my pieces that are created for special orders. I do also have several stockists in Newcastle (Floweresque Lambton & Creative Village Newcastle), Sydney, Mudgee and Morpeth. I am proudly involved with an amazing collective of creative artists known as the Creative Village Newcastle.

We have a storefront in Charlestown Square, where the majority of my products can be found and purchased.

We will have amazing handmade pieces for sale  9th May outside of Myer centre court in Charlestown Square. Glee Art & Design and Keikie & Hale products will be in Barangaroo Sydney at the Finders Keepers Market 3rd May which will be very exciting.”

Teval Guner can be contacted via email at

Instagram: Glee Art & Design /teval guner

Facebook: Glee Art & Design

Written by Liv Gritten

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