Newcastle Light Rail Bingo

It’s finally been announced friends, the light rail is all systems go come February 17th and I for one, am actually excited to see what all the fuss is about.

We’ve all had our gripes about the whole thing, sure, but since it’s here and I’m guessing here to stay, we should enjoy and make use the whole closing the gap between the city and the sea thing.

Here are our top 5 things to look for when you do (and we all know you will) try out the light rail.

A local business you may have missed/forgotten about

Hunter Street was indeed a nightmare during construction, this is 100% true. But now that it’s all up and running again, and public transport is all systems go, can you spot all the amazing destinations you may have missed. The Rock Shop? Press Book House? We lost many, yes but those who made it need our support now more than ever so let’s rally behind the die hard few.

A Melbournite

“Not like the trams in Melbourne though” is a saying I’ve heard at least three times. Melbourne think that they are the kween of trams, sure, they might be but… This doesn’t mean that we can’t at least have a red hot go of the whole thing right? Spotting a Melbournite will be easy, wait for the weird Myki beep and slightly embarrassed shake of the head, mumbling about Brunswick and home.

Tourists being surprised that Newcastle is a coastal town

I know it was a bit confusing there for a while but now with the light rail, the real epicentre of the city is on show for all to see. The excitement, the anticipation, the tens of students wagging school in summer to catch glimpses of the delicious salty sea will surely, well… be a sight to see and tourists being smacked in the face with a few and sigh to die for #lovethiscity


Now I cannot confirm or deny whether this will actually be a thing but I hope that someone makes it a thing. Buskers on trams are amazing and a little extra ambiance never goes astray amirite? So the more we look out for them, the more chances there are that one will appear. That’s how it works right?

Drunken kids thinking they are on a bus

Everyone knows Hunter Street is a bit of a hotspot, particularly on a Wednesday night. Those trecking from maybe Honeysuckle or the family, slowly yet surely making their way to Custom’s house (am I still hip? Is this still a thing?). Everyone knows 18 year-olds aren’t exactly experts at nailing any sort of socially acceptable pre-drinking routine and I can guarantee you that one, if not a whole group of teens will mistake the tram for a bus and ask why it’s not turning “like it does on school days”. It sounds far-fetched, but trust me, it will happen.


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ROW 1 
A Busker
The Civic Theatre at night
Ship in the harbour
Drunk Lads
The Lucky

Newy Burger Co
Kram on the tram
Free Choice
Louie The Sheep!
Daniel Johns

Andrew Johns
Queen’s Wharf Hotel
Nuatali Nelmes
Someone on a Bykko

Fighter Jet
Jennifer Hawkins
Traffic Jam
Alex McKinnon

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