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Looking to be a good human during bushfire season? Here’s where to start

With the bushfire threat level now reaching ‘catastrophic’, I’m sure we’re all waking up wondering a) what the flip is going on in the world and b) how the heck can I help?

No? Just me?

Novocastrians have always been ever-ready to lend a helping hand, but maybe you’re so bogged down by the bad news, that you simply don’t know where to start.

Here’s the rub. We don’t all need to chuck on fire suits and drag hoses around the place to do something great for the community. 

Have you got a spare room in your house? Couch space? Floor space? Spare mattress? Sure you do! Why not check out this link and open up your home to someone in need?

Newcastle open doors for catastrophic bushfire risk

Over the next week, in particular, the weather is meant to be (literally) catastrophic and folks in dangerous areas are being told to evacuate now and get out early to ensure their safety. But where do they go? Why not your place?

As Novocastrians, it’s our chance to step up, to do something great,  and make sure that we are doing all that we can for the folks who need it most. 

So dig deep folks, focus on what you can do, right now, right this minute, to make the world a better and safer place. The big issues take time and manpower, but this right here… you can do that today. 

The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) has warned that catastrophic fire danger is today (Tuesday) forecast for the Greater Sydney, Greater Hunter and Illawarra Shoalhaven areas due to worsening weather conditions.

Catastrophic is the highest level of bushfire danger.

Large areas of the state are also forecast to experience Severe and Extreme fire danger.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.