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Newcastle freediver to attempt underwater world record in Charlestown

Newcastle Freediver, Michaela Werner is gearing up to attempt an underwater swimming world record at Charlestown Swim Centre tomorrow.

Having explored the depths of some of the world’s most stunning underwater locations for nearly 15 years, Werner’s latest challenge involves swimming 2.5km underwater in under an hour—a remarkable 100 laps in the 25m pool without the assistance of fins.

“Dynamic no fins is the most technical discipline in freediving because it is so pure,” Michaela said ahead of her attempt.

“I actually only hold my breath for about 25 seconds during each lap, but multiply that by 100 and I will be holding my breath for almost 42 minutes in one hour.

“I think about my technique, feel the water on my face and focus on the meaning of one word, which we change every 10 laps.”

Werner’s ambitious endeavour goes beyond personal achievement, as she aims to raise $10,000 during the world record attempt.

All proceeds will be dedicated to Take 3 For The Sea, a non-profit organization committed to combatting plastic pollution in the oceans. The environmental cause adds an extra layer of significance to Werner’s already remarkable aquatic feat.

The sport of freediving itself has garnered global attention, notably with the release of the Netflix documentary “The Deepest Breath” in recent months. Werner’s future plans include a deep dive in the renowned Blue Hole in Egypt, a prominent freediving location showcased in the Netflix documentary.

Spectators are encouraged to head to the Charlestown Swim Centre on Friday, 17 November to cheer Werner on from 10:30 am to 11:30 am. And you can support the attempt, and help raise money for Take 3 For The Sea, by visiting