Newcastle band, Jones The Cat Win Uni Sounds National Campus Band Comp

Ohhhh hot diggity ya boys have DONE IT! Jones the Cat have bagged a whale and WON the Uni Sounds National Campus Band Comp for 2017.

It wouldn’t be a far cry to call Jones the Cat one of the most hard-working bands in Newy at the moment, as they consistently churn out incredible tunes with a twist. For anyone that has seen the boys play live, especially recently, this win probably won’t come as too much of a surprise as their sweaty, tenacious, and impassioned live performance is fuelled by an addictive raw energy that I haven’t seen matched by a local band in a long long time.

What makes this win just that little bit sweeter, was that the boys were a bit of a wildcard entry into the final, and snagged the spot after the people had spoken. Your people, our people. It’s so great to think of that community aspect helping to really rally behind a band that really really deserves this win under their belt.

As a part of the package, the boys are walking away with a major prize worth over 100k. For anyone who has ever been involved with anything close to resembling a band, knows that it takes a teeny tiny bit of cash to keep the creative juices turning, the opportunities flowing and this latest achievement is sure to help them on their way!

From us here at Newcastle Live… CONGRATS BOYS! Flipping well deserved!