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HAVE YOUR SAY: Newcastle 500 future in your hands

The Newcastle 500 is billed as one of the most exciting events in the city’s calendar, but opinions on the race are often divided.

City of Newcastle is now asking residents, businesses and racegoers to fill in a survey and have their say on the future of the event and shape its direction.

The survey aims to capture attendees’ behaviours, including their visits to local businesses.

After the event, a random telephone survey will follow to gather a range of views from across Newcastle’s demographic profile.

People who are interested in taking part will be able to fill out an online surgery via the City of Newcastle website or in person around the event precinct during the three days of racing this year.

Three post-event stakeholder workshops will also be held with residents, business, and industry representatives. The workshops aim to understand the perceived benefits and challenges presented by the Newcastle 500.

“We’re committed to undertaking broad community consultation using an evidence-based methodology to understand the opinions of the Newcastle community and ensure that key stakeholders have their voices heard and considered,” City of Newcastle CEO Jeremy Bath said.

“The consultation will explore themes of liveability, economic benefit or challenges and perceptions of the event, as well as its impact on the visitor economy.

“Should Destination NSW and Supercars decide they want to extend the Newcastle 500 for another five years, our elected Council will need to decide if we agree to again be the host city.”

A report on the feedback and insights from the community consultation to inform the decision about any potential extension of the Newcastle 500 will be prepared for Council to consider in the coming months.

The survey will be available online from tomorrow, 18 February 2023. Visit to find out more