NEW TUNES: Fritz is back with a fuzzed-out love letter to friendship

Fritz's latest single Die Happily is a fuzzed-out love letter to plutonic friendships. Picture: Courtney Hardwick.

Having already given us a couple of tasty morsels from her soon-to-be-released sophomore album Pastel (including earworms Jan 1 and Arrow) Newcastle’s Fritz is back with another lo-fi pearler in Die Happily.

This ‘shoegaze-y’ fuzz-fest, which, meanders along at a “slacker-esque” lackadaisical pace, recalling the likes of a sunnier Sonic Youth or a much less noisy My Bloody Valentine, is a love letter to the idea of everlasting plutonic friendships.

Die Happily is about wanting to be around a best friend forever and treasuring every moment spent with them,” Fritz, aka Tilly Murphy, said.

“I think the phrase ‘die happily’ isn’t used enough – I think it’s very powerful and perfectly sums up the way I felt when I was living these moments with my friends.”

Check out Die Happily below

If this and indeed the previously released tracks are anything to go by, Pastel, which is due out next month, is shaping up to be one heck of an all killer-no-filler slab and while it might have been a long time between long-player drink, with her self titled debut dropping back in 2017, this one is definitely worth the wait.

“I started writing this album three years ago,” Fritz said.

“It reflects my growth musically and personally over the past three years. It’s a body of work that  truly represents my becoming of a young adult from a teenager.”

Die Happily is out now and Pastel will be released on 12 February and you can pre-order it right here.