A new axe for Rocky Fox

Rocky Fox from Novocastrian band Glam Slam takes 5 minutes to answer some questions about his new guitar, the set up he uses for gigs and why everyone is talking about his new band.

1 – You recently posted a picture of your new guitar to Facebook. Tell us a bit more about it.



Yeah sure, it’s an ESP Eclipse with 2 humbuckers that can be split into single coils. It has a Silver Sparkle finish and most importantly plays and sounds great.

2 – Has it got a name?

I haven’t named it as yet but am happy for suggestions.

3 – What’s your set up for a Glamslam gig?

Fairly simple set up. Peavey Classic Amp w/ 4 x 10″ speakers, Only a few pedals inc Jim Dunlop Wah Wah, Overdrive, Flanger and Chorus plus tuner. Have been using my old red sparkle Strat that has a Humbucker and 2 single coils in it until now but will be using the new ESP a lot at future Glam Slam shows.

4 – What’s your favourite riff to play with the band?

It’s hard for me to pick just one favourite riff but Barracuda comes to mind, also School’s Out,Rebel Rebel,Dream Police and few others. I love the songs we play in Glam Slam and the setlist is quite diverse so it’s really enjoyable as a guitar player.

5 – What’s your dream guitar?

I am lucky to have a few different guitars including Fender Strats and Telecaster/ Gibson Les Paul and Melody Makers plus the new ESP. A “dream” guitar, to me, sounds and feels great, suits the music that’s it’s being used to play and obviously it’s GOT to look cool too. I think most guitars nearly always look cool in general though, shape of a woman and all that..haha.

6 – Explain a Glam Slam gig to someone who’s never seen you guys play.

A Glam Slam gig is really about great music and great fun. For a relatively new band we have been blessed with a strong following and love the interaction with the people at our gigs. We have the Lights/Smoke/Glitter etc but it’s about awesome songs that are played well and about everybody having a good time. Kitty Kozmik is a great singer. She looks fantastic and is HOT!! Logga Rhythm is a really good bass player who sings well also and is WAY Glam. Our drummer,Rick O’Shay, is solid,dynamic and showy. Jizzy Stardust is our keyboard player and just blows peoples minds. An excellent musician with a wicked sense of humour and masses of sex appeal. I am really happy to be in a band with these guys. Our gigs are always a lot of fun and the crowd response has been just awesome.

7 – What’s a Glam Slam after party like?

I really don’t know if I should say too much about what happens at a Glam Slam after party but I will say this….YOU ARE INVITED!!

You can find out more about Glam Slam by visiting their Facebook Page. Or catch them at a gig at the following venues and dates.

Shaft Tavern Friday 30th May

Tilligerry RSL Sat June 7th

Peden’s Cessnock Sat June 14th

Bradford Hotel Rutherford Friday June 20th

Shoal Bay Country Club Fri June 27th

Stockton RSL Sat 28th June

Wickham Park Hotel Friday 11th July.

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  1. Thankyou for the interview. Just to let you know that Glam Slam are not back at The Wicko until July 11th. The show that has been posted here has already happened.

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