The mutants of surf-inspired punk hit Warners At The Bay this Friday night

Those crazy arse mutants, PUNKFiSH are back at Warners At The Bay this Friday night from another night of surf-inspired punk music that has had local audiences raving.

The PUNKFIiH repertoire is hatched from the best and worst of Gnarly Surf, Hectic Punk, Badly-dressed New Wave, Cheesy TV Tunes and a never ending supply of Killer Riffs. These hapless tunes are then mashed, mutilated and bashed into all sorts of flat-out, funtastic configurations and aberrations.

PUNKFiSH is not your average covers band. In fact, purists beware! The boys in PUNKFiSH believe that no song is too sacred, no tune too classic, no lyric too precious to escape the PF Treatment: a long and painful process that every item in the PUNKFiSH playlist must endure.

Catch the boys on stage at Warner’s At The Bay this Friday night (May 30) from 9:00pm. For more information about the band visit their Facebook page.