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To anyone not in the Australian Arts, Music or Events world…We have been devastated

Allon Silove is a local musician, music producer, audio and mixing engineer, writer and educator. Below is an open letter he penned to help people who are not in the Australian Arts, Music or Events world understand the impact the current crisis is having on our community.

To all my friends and anyone out there reading this who is not in the Australian Arts, Music or Events world… We have been devastated.

In only a few short days, hard-working Australian mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, contributing taxpayers, sole traders and business owners in the music, theatre, live events, art and education industries have had their entire incomes destroyed and all their work, through to July, vanish. Vanish! And it is only March!
No income. Nothing. All because of the pandemic.

Ours is an industry and community built and solely reliant on people gathering, as audiences.

Right now, there are countless stories of despair and hopelessness being posted on my feed by people who have earned a living their entire adult lives on booking performances, bookings made weeks, months, sometimes over a year in advance, now all being cancelled.

All of them!

They have no holiday or sick leave.

They are not wealthy.

Most are not on social welfare, despite what you may think.

And yet there is not a word regarding our plight from our leaders or our media.

Yet we are the ones you turn to, to show our support when others are suffering, performing to raise money for those affected by fire, by flood, by drought, by war, by poverty.

We are the ones who bring relief for you and let you escape your Monday to Friday lives by singing your favourite songs or entertaining you with a show at night and in your weekends.

But we can’t escape what is coming.

And now we are apparently voiceless in our society. The ‘UnMentionable’ Australians.

Is the Arts really thought of so poorly in this country?

Are we really an insignificant ‘demographic’ who aren’t worth aiding?

Is $2.5 billion dollars for the economy every year, our hard-earned taxes, our voices, our performances, our efforts to entertain you NOT ENOUGH FOR OUR PLIGHTS TO EVEN BE MENTIONED OR CONSIDERED BY OUR OWN SOCIETY?!

The real horror unfolding right now is not the pandemic or the coming recession; it is how poorly we are treating each other in what we all like to believe is our ‘civilised’ country.

I stand with my community, for better or worse. Always.

Allon Silove – Studio b.


Allon’s recording studio, Studio b. has recently teamed up with JB Creative to work on an idea to try and keep original music gigs going in Newcastle.

“I met Josh from JB Creative through our mutual friend, producer and musician Huw Jones,” Allon told Newcastle Live.

“With all of the pandemic crises happening, we knew musicians would be extremely hard hit. People are already facing financial hardship and gigs and events are being cancelled through to June/July now. We want to give original acts the opportunity to perform live and have it captured for streaming so that ‘live music’ can still be found, even though venues are closing everywhere.”

You can find out more about the project, and how you can get involved, by visiting the studio’s Facebook page or direct with From A Distance Sessions.

Written by Newcastle Live

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