Murder in the dark!

Do you like your theatre spooky? Feel confined when you’re sitting in a boring stuffed seat in plain old rows? Like a bit of interaction with your performers? Well then, Confessions of a Serial Killer may well be the experience for you.

Brought to you by the team behind Dark Stories, Confessions of a Serial Killer takes you on a meandering journey through one of the most hauntingly beautiful parts of Newcastle that you’ve probably never seen (well, at least not at night). Rug up, because we venture deep into Glenrock Conservation Park for this interactive crime theatre experience.

Ivan’s a serial killer who’s been on the run, but tonight he’s agreed to confess, to a very select group of people. He’s contacted Inspector X, and his sidekick Sergeant Wendy, and he’s going to spill his secrets…

We wandered through bushland, delighted at the sight of the moon over the ocean (seriously, 10/10 for the location guys) and followed Ivan as his tale unravelled.

There’s been some killing going on, and we get to share an insight into the mind of a psychopath – what makes a killer kill?

You can only find out if you attend. (I’m sworn to secrecy)

There are only 15 tickets available per night for this intimate performance where you’re guided by torchlight along the path of serial killer Ivan in the hope of solving the mystery (or perhaps becoming a victim yourself?!?!) It’s on for the month of June on a Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday night and tickets are available here.

I have nothing but praise for anyone who tries something different and brings something new to this city – particularly when creativity is involved. So snaps to this team who’ve taken their obvious love of crime stories to a whole new level and taken it off the confines of the stage and into what must be Newy’s best kept secret spot.

Deadset, have you EVER seen anything so beautiful?

Written by Linda Drummond