ESPRESS YOURSELF: Mr Black Espresso Martini cans are here and we’re all about it

The Mr Black Coffee liqueur has become legend over the last few years and now you can enjoy its goodness in an Espresso Martini can.

And, don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. This can is the real deal crafted by the multi-award-winning distiller Philip Moore & designer turned coffee snob Tom Baker and their expert roasters and distillers.

We tried one at this year’s Hunter Valley Wine And Beer Festival and believe us, this cocktail tastes as good as you’d get in at any fancy cocktail bar.

Inside the can you’ll taste top-grade arabica coffee, vodka and a good whack of that amazing Mr Black liqueur.

And the best part is, you just chill, pour and serve. Or, if you’re at a picnic, or camping for a few days we’ll forgive you for walking a few in an Esky and enjoying them straight out of the can

One of the things we miss in other espresso martini cans is that thick, foamy head you get when they’re made fresh by a good mixologist. Well, never fear, that’s all taken care of here.

Mr Black hit the can with a supercharge of nitrogen. So give the chilled can a good shake just before you consume and enjoy its silky silky deliciousness.

You can pick up a can of Mr Black Espresso Martini at Liquorland, Vintage Cellars or direct from