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MOVIE REVIEW: Pitch Perfect 3

And the Bellas are back for a third and (some say) final instalment in the juggernaut that is the Pitch Perfect franchise.

After winning the world championship, the Bellas have gone their separate ways and are now leading rich, fulfilling, non-aca adult lives until they are reunited for one competition. But this time it’s a little different and they will be competing against not just other singing groups but groups that use both voices and instruments.

All the Bellas are back with a few minor changes along the way but the big storyline of this third instalment is that of Fat Amy (Wilson) and her father Fergus (Lithgow). As we all know, Wilson is an Aussie. John Lithgow is not. But is Fat Amy’s father an Aussie? Sadly yes. Yes he is.

*waits while we all take a collective deep breath*

Why oh why do they keep casting non Aussie’s in Aussie roles when they cannot get the accent right? It seems to be a particularly tricky accent to master and it drives so many of us crazy when we hear our accent butchered time and again. I mean, are there no Aussie actors in Hollywood? Can they not send John Jarratt, Jack Thompson or even Barry Otto a plane ticket and let one of them do it?

Actually, Barry Otto would have been perfect in this role!

Apart from that. This movie is exactly what you would expect. As they say, if it aint broke ….

The singing is wonderful, the songs catchy and I dare you not to be singing along. The jokes hit their mark more often than not but as always, it’s the friendship the girls share that underpins the entire story, indeed, the entire franchise. That all these very different young women can come together and bond through their mutual love of singing is at the heart and soul of these movies.

This is not compelling stuff and you pretty much either love them or hate them but they are fun, funny, sweet movies that are aimed squarely at the mum and daughter market and you could do a lot worse than have these women as role models for your kids.

Oh and can somebody please give Gail and John their own spin off movie?

3 stars

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Director : Trish Sie
Starring : Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Hailee Steinfeld, Ester Dean, Hana Mae Lee, Kelley Jakle, Shelley Regner, Elizabeth Banks, John Michael Higgins, John Lithgow
Running Time : 93 minutes
Release Date : In cinemas now

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