[x_author title=”About the Author” author_id=”45″]For many thousands of years, the people of Polynesia were voyagers, traversing the world’s largest ocean to discover and colonise tiny pacific islands. Suddenly they stopped and this gap of about 1000 years is sometimes known as The Long Pause.

This is the Disney version, loosely based on the legends of the ancient Polynesians but with a healthy dose of Disney fabrication.

Moana (which literally means ‘ocean’) is the daughter of her island’s chieftain and will therefore be their leader one day.  From the time she was a small child and the ocean called to her, Moana has wanted to sail past the reef where for as long as anyone can recall, it if forbidden to go.

As the years pass, things start to go wrong on the island. Now in her late teens, Moana can no longer ignore the ocean’s call. She knows the legend of Maui and the terrible curse he threw, so aided and abetted by her grandmother, she sails past the reef and into the unknown to meet her destiny.

Soon she meets Maui and demands he make things right for her people. And so their journey together begins and Moana has a lot to learn before she can fulfil her destiny.

[x_video_embed type=”16:9″ no_container=”true”][/x_video_embed]Moana is just a lovely movie in every way. As with all Disney Princess movies, my expectations were low but while there was lots if singing and a very Disney-fied story, there was not a love interest in sight. Moana was very much her own woman and her desires to learn, explore and save her people came from within.

I was not too keen on the Maui character being an overweight buffoon as this was a god who had thrown a curse that affected the entire Pacific region for over 1000 years…… would he really have been a silly, singing, egotistical dolt? Yes I know this is Disney but Maleficent is also Disney……….but I digress.

With an array of characters that will delight young and old (the subtle nod to Mad Max is a favourite), this is a movie for all the family.

Moana is a young woman who listens to the call of destiny and follows her heart and her instincts. We could all do a lot worse than do the same.

4 stars

Written by Sue Ellen

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