MOVIE REVIEW: Alita – Battle Angel

Based on the Japanese manga series Gunnm, (also known as Battle Angel Alita), a cyborg doctor/scientist, Dr Ido (Waltz) finds the remains of a female cyborg, with an intact human brain, in a junkyard. He attaches the brain to a cyborg body and brings her back to life.

Reanimated and now named after Ido’s deceased daughter, Alita (Salazar) remembers nothing of her former life but after she instinctively reacts to an attack on herself and new friend Hugo (Skrein), she decides she wants to find out who she really is.

Alita has been brought back to a world where the Earth has been ravaged by a great war. The planet is a wasteland save for one city, Iron City. But high above is the utopian city of Zalem where the wealthy, privileged few reside. More than anything, Hugo wants to go to Zalem, no matter how this happens.

For the people of Iron City, there is just one way to enter the gates of Zalem….. motorball.

Or is there another way?

Why should I watch Alita – Battle Angel?

With a slew of Oscar winning actors on screen, there is no shortage of star wattage and superbly nuanced characters. From the grieving mother (Connelly) to the truly evil Vector (Ali), these thinly written characters are saved by the skills of these fine actors.

Alita, against the wishes of her father who wants to protect her, possibly from herself, but encouraged by Hugo, becomes a Hunter-Warrior (bounty hunter) to try and discover the truth about herself. With Hugo at her side, she stumbles into the darker, more soulless side of an already dark, soulless city.

She eventually ends up on the Motorball track which is a deadlier version of roller-derby and with much more at stake. It reminded me of the 80’s movie, The Running Man, with the general public lusting after the blood of the competitors. Hmmm so I guess it also reminds me of Gladiator and ancient Rome.

Humans are a bloodthirsty lot, huh?

The movie is action packed with the amazing special effects you have come to expect from anything James Cameron has his hands on. While the movie is light on characters building, it is on overdrive for storytelling and, along with the kind of action packed adrenalin rush only futuristic cyborgs can create, it’s a thoroughly entertaining ride.

3 stars

Running Time: 122 minutes
Release Date: Currently screening at Event Cinemas Glendale and Kotara
Who is in it: Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali, Ed Skrein, Keean Johnson

NOTE: This movie was courtesy of Event Cinemas. However, this review and opinions are my own – Sue-Ellen


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