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OISHĪ: Mizumi Japanese restaurant opens in Toronto

The dining scene in the Lake Macquarie suburb of Toronto just got a little international flavour injection.

Mizumi Japanese restaurant has now opened its doors on The Boulevarde in Toronto and it’s already got the locals talking.

We’ve been watching the restaurant take shape over the last few months in the space vacated by the old Tandori Lounge next door to Boulevarde Best Bake. We’d occasionally drive past while they were putting the finishing touches on the fit-out and be willing it into existence.

And then, while we weren’t looking… It opened.

The restaurant boasts a menu that covers most of the Washoku bases – they even have an okonomiyaki entree, although we’re still keen to see a full okonomiyaki experience open in the Hunter. Anyone else?

There’s a huge variety of bento that are all overflowing with tastiness. You’ll also find a selection of lush Japanese curry bowls, udon with delicate fish broth, and a lineup of ramen that will have local otaku in a spin.

The sushi section of the menu offers all your train favourites. You’ll find a collection of basic and more adventurous rolls and the purists can take their pick from a list of nigiri and sashimi including the traditional salmon and tuna.

Mizumi is currently open for dinner service only, and you’ll need to take your cash with you as they’re still sorting out their EFTPOS system.

Japanese Restaurant


2/58 The Boulevarde
Toronto NSW 2258


Mon: 5:00 – 8:30 PM
Tue: 5:00 – 8:30 PM
Wed: 5:00 – 8:30 PM
Thu: 5:00 – 8:30 PM
Fri: 5:00 – 8:30 PM
Sat: 5:00 – 8:30 PM
Sun: Closed