Memorial Walk: No Dogs Please

Newcastle City Council has posted new signage at both ends of the city’s Memorial Walk reminding the community that dogs are not allowed on the walkway.

Andrew Baxter, Council’s Manager Regulatory Services, said the reason dogs are not permitted is that the walk is a memorial site.

“Memorial Walk is not just a recreational facility,” he said. “First and foremost, it is a memorial of the 100 year anniversary of the Gallipoli landing and of those who served from our region in World War I. Therefore, it should be treated with the utmost respect by all users.”


Baxter also noted that the Memorial Walk location poses logistical difficulties for Council crews to access in order to wash down the deck or to service waste receptacles as they do on road-side paths. He advised dog owners to walk their dogs along the path on Memorial Drive. Baxter said Council rangers will have a presence at Memorial Walk to chat to people on the walkway and encourage voluntary compliance.

The council say common courtesy for dog owners includes:

· Cleaning up after your pet on shared pathways, in parks and at beaches, and at all other public places

· Send your dog to obedience class and teach you dog how to behave in public places, particularly around children and other dogs

· Consider that other members of the public sharing a space may be or may have children that are intimidated by or fearful of dogs

What do you guys think about this. Tell us in the comment section below.

Written by Newcastle Live

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  1. im a dog owner i walk up memorial drive the memorial walk is not suitable for dogs, so much poo along bar beach to merewether footpaths such irresponsible people

  2. I cannot believe how many dog poos there are along Merewether and Bar Beach footpath… And all of them get trodden in by unwary and unlucky pedestrians. If people bring their dogs on the Memorial Bridge it will be just the same, only harder to clean because it will get in all the holes. Yuck!

  3. Just a practical reason not to allow dogs above ones head –dogs doing what dogs do at height dampen those below.. It has happened to me..

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