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Meet the man in charge of all the music at this year’s Live At The Foreshore festival

Paul Gray is the man behind the hits of 80s sensation Wa Wa Nee. But this weekend he’ll not only be performing the band’s most loved songs, he’ll also be in charge of everything you hear on stage at this year’s Live At The Foreshore festival.

As an 80’s heart throb he was dashing and daring, but as the musical director of one of the biggest shows we’ll see in Newcastle this year he’s a man with a plan.

“It’s all about making sure you’ve got all the charts in order and that you know what each act plans to play. Then I’ve got the Wa Wa Nee spot to look forward to as well. But the guys in the band have been playing together for a while now, so it’s all looking pretty good from where I stand” Paul tells us.

It’s not the first year that Paul has been the MD for Live At The Foreshore, in fact he’s been responsible for all on stage antics since the festivals inception in 2015.

He’s the man who held the reins at the 2015 event which closed with an all star version of Evie parts 1,2 and 3. And last year he led the response chant during the all in encore of The Angels’ Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again.

So, what’s it like to put an encore like that together? And what’s in store for festival goers this year?

“Well, that’s a tightly held secret. You’ll have to be at the festival to see what we’ve got planned for the encore this year, but I can tell you it’s a cracker” he assures us over the phone.

“When you put an encore like that together there’s actually a lot to take into account. With Evie for example it was important to look at the singers on the bill, and all the keys they work in. But I think we really nailed that one”.

We agree.

Check out a video of the encore of last year’s event below, and get your tickets for this Sunday, 5 November so you don’t miss out this time…

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