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Mates With An Endless List of Dietary Requirements In Newy? We’ve got you covered.

As we launch into the latter part of 2017, it’s becoming apparent that the long list of food intolerances that are making their way across the Instagram circuit are in fact here to stay. Sure, it’s easy for me to joke about such things you say, as I don’t have any intolerances, not really any worth mentioning anyway. But the more I looked into the way we view food, the more I realised just how serious, unsettling, and down right dangerous it can be for many people attempting to navigate the food world, and the way their body processes the food they consume. For those with any sort of serious food intolerance, finding somewhere to go out for breakfast, lunch or dinner can be a bit of a harrowing experience. Not only for the person with said intolerance but mostly for those closest to them, who live freely, flippantly and often ignorantly.

As someone who has a lot of friends with may a dietary requirement, I’ve put together this list of top four places to take your dietary specific mates that won’t leave you wishing you just stayed home.

Also, you may have realised that this is a top four piece not a tope five piece because personally I would love some more recommendations on this topic. I’m all for dining inclusivity and making sure Newcastle remains a place for everyone. Even the dietary specific mates we love so much.


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It was actually my sister who introduced me to Momos and she has many a food intolerance. I was skeptical on my first visit as I always am when I am forced told to try new things and new places, but now I am a certified convert. The place is beautiful, light and breezy and very 2017. The menu is always changing, chasing the trends of the delicious and seasonal local produce but anything and everything you order is guaranteed to be amazing. The staff are wonderful and are always willing to go that extra mile to make sure you, and your mates tummy are happy.

Blue Door

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A favourite of the #blessed crowd, Bluedoor, both in town and by the beach, is perfect for those wishing to fill their body with goodness. They have everything from raw food options, big breakfasts, snacks, Acai bowls and everyone’s favourite smashed avo on toast. Most importantly, they are gluten free, vego and vegan friendly and also make great coffee. Although a little on the pricy side, sometimes it’s the price you have to pay for great service, fresh produce, and stunning instagram photos.


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Although all of the options I’ve mentioned are very vegan friendly, none quite tops Saluna. Nestled on the quiet side of King Street is this delightful little haven. Like Momos this menu is always changing depending on the available produce which makes each and every dining experience is always unique. One of the best things about Saluna as well, is the loyal band of regular diners that come for the food, and stay for the company. You’ll probably love it here too.

Pickled and Pressed

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Pickled and Pressed is on this list purely because I haven’t been here. Yes you read that right. But it’s pretty much the number one recommendation I receive from every one of my friends who are living a select food lifestyle. That, and I am a really really big fan of cold pressed juice. It’s the kind of place

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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