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MAS TACOS, POR FAVOR: This is one (Taco) Bell you won’t want to unring!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the launch of Taco Bell Jesmond planned for Tuesday 26 November has been postponed as the power needs some urgent adjustments.  A new opening date will be announced next week.

We were lucky enough to nab ourselves a sneak peek of the soon-to-be-opened Taco Bell in Jesmond this week and, boy howdy, what a sneak peek it was.

The Jesmond store is the first in New South Wales and we here at Newcastle Live are unapologet3ic fans of Tex-Mex cuisine so anticipation was high for this one.

The first thing we noticed upon entering the small, but well-appointed eatery was the kitchen which was separated from the dining area by a large glass window, meaning you can literally see every step of the process – something that really illustrates Taco Bell’s commitment to fast, fresh fare.

But what about the menu, we hear you ask. Well, we were presented with a tasting menu of Taco Bell’s ‘greatest hits’ – none of which were a disappointment.

Taco Bell

After scoffing down a plate of perfectly seasoned nacho chips with zesty fresh salsa and delicious guacamole, we were presented with the first cab off the rank – The Crunchy Taco supreme.

This simple-yet-full-of-flavour staple of the Taco Bell menu was one of the best examples of the Mexican icon this writer has tasted for some time.

Filled with beef (although you can choose your own protein) sour cream, shredded iceberg lettuce, diced tomatoes and cheddar cheese, this think was a tacohead’s delight from go to woah.

Taco Bell

Next up was the Cheesy Gordita Crunch or ‘Cheesy G’ and, oh my days, this little concoction is NEXT LEVEL!

An exercise in textural balance this soon-to-be-your-favorite cheat meal is your basic crunchy taco (filled with meat, ranch, lettuce and cheese) but dialed up to 11 with a soft, succulent flatbread, laden with gooey melted cheese enveloping the whole shebang.

Do yourself a favor…grab one of these babies ASAP.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Next up was the chicken quesadilla which ramped up the heat factor 9but in a good way, of course) Tender grilled chicken, lashings of two-cheese blend, creamy jalapeno sauce and a beautifully grilled soft tortilla?

Yes, please!

With our stomachs fit to burst we were then presented with a heft Grilled Stuft Burrito, that threatened to stop us in our tracks, but thankfully we saw our way through these stacked concoctions with the help of a gloriously tart and icy Margarita.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

If you are looking for a hunger buster, look no further senors and senoritas because this one’s got it all – heft serving of protein, Mexican rice, seasoned black beans, chipotle sauce, salsa sour cream and cheese.

Now seriously not willing (or perhaps unable) to return to the office, our Tex-Mex soiree was capped off with some Cinnamon Twists – ridiculously moreish morsels that, on the first inspection look just like a churro but is super crispy – crispier than the Christmas crackle even.

This cinnamon and sugar drenched desert was the perfect way to finish off what was a HUGE but delicious meal.

Taco Bell

Sure, this IS fast-food, but it’s super fresh and full of flavour…oh and fast is definitely the operative word here with a super energetic staff churning out these Mexican delights at a fantastic speed!

Taco Bell Jesmond will throw open its doors on Tuesday 26 November at Stockland Jesmond. In the meantime, head here and start planning your meal NOW!

Written by Newcastle Live

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