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REHEARSE & CONNECT: Marmalade Sky Music’s innovative approach to creativity

Since opening in 2021 Marmalade Sky Music has quickly become a haven for local musicians.

Their commitment to music education and dedication to nurturing creativity has seen artists of all ages and skill levels from around the Hunter seek their wide range of services.

The business offers a diverse range of services aimed at inspiring and supporting musicians with top-notch musical tuition, cutting-edge rehearsal spaces and innovative events.

MEET AT MARMALADE: Rehearse and connect

Launched in April this year, the Meet at Marmalade sessions welcome musicians to rehearse, collaborate and create content in the generously appointed rooms. Musos can access equipment, ask for staff assistance and access a number of accommodating spaces which each offer unique instruments and creative assets (see info below). With four diverse rooms available, these sessions ensure that soloists, duos, or bands, can find a space that suits their needs at affordable rates.

THE ROOMS: A space for everyone

There are a number of rooms available, each offering different rates and equipment suited to the space. Check out the list below.

The Yellow Room

Perfect for songwriting, brass and woodwind practice, intimate group meetings, honing solo techniques, and acoustic rehearsal sessions.


  • Electric Piano (88 keys).
  • Percussion
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • (4ppl Maximum)

RATE: $8/hr

The Pink Room

This room is great for gatherings, acoustic rehearsal sessions, technical practice, small vocal ensembles, and collaborative songwriting sessions.


  • Electric piano (88 keys)
  • Behringer PA (10″)
  • 6 channel mixer
  • Microphones
  • Percussion
  • (6ppl maximum)

RATE: $12/hr

The Blue Room

A great space for band rehearsals, honing technical skills, jamming with friends, and hosting group meetings.


  • Electric piano (88 keys)
  • 5-piece drum kit
  • 50W guitar amp
  • 40W bass amp
  • Mackie PA (12″)
  • 6 channel mixer
  • Microphones
  • (6ppl maximum)

RATE: $16/hr

The green room

This is the ultimate room for band rehearsals, energetic jam sessions with friends, and tackling louder, more intense musical endeavours.


  • Electric piano (88 keys)
  • 2X Yamaha PA (12″)
  • 10 channel mixer
  • 50W Guitar Amp
  • 100W bass amp
  • 5piece drum kit
  • (6ppl maximum)

RATE: $20/hr

TUITION: Customised music lessons

Education is the cornerstone of what Marmalade Sky Music does. They specialise in providing personalised one-on-one lessons in various disciplines, including voice, guitar, drums, piano, introductory music courses, digital audio, and music theory. Each lesson is meticulously customised to cater to each student’s unique interests, prior experience, and individual goals.

LOCATION, LOCATION: Rehearse in the heart of Newcastle

Set in the heart of Newcastle, within The Station precinct, Marmalade Sky Music is located on the second floor of the building directly across the road from Customs House Hotel. You’ll find the entrance on The Station side of the building, guarded by our big friendly snake playground.
You’ll need to walk up a generous set of stairs when entering, so keep that in mind if you’re bringing heavy equipment. But why bother when there is so much on offer already?

Marmalade Sky Music

The Retort Building at The Station Newcastle
110 Scott St, Newcastle East NSW 2300