Man vs. Burger: 2.5kg Burger Beast at Edgeworth Bowling Club

Edgeworth Bowling Club’s mighty new Burger Challenge has set the local food challenge bar high, and proud Novocastrian, Jamie Miller, went head-to-head with the meaty monster. Newcastle Live was there to capture the beefy man vs. food battle as it all went down…

Meet Jamie…


Hailing from Lambton, Jamie is an electrician, a husband, a father of 2, but, above all things, Jamie is hungry. Hungry to conquer any food challenge that dares to get in his way.

As a former Australian representative in competitive eating (yes, that is a real thing that we actually have here in Australia), Jamie has appeared on TV Tokyo’s ‘Battle of The Big Eaters’, recently defeated Crinitis Kotara’s ‘2 Mates 2 Metre Pizza’, and holds the current record at Newy Burger Co. for a 10-stack burger.

Now, meet Edgeworth Bowling Club’s massive 2.5kg Burger Challenge at JB’s Bistraunt…


The burger alone weighs in at a hefty 2.5kg, in all its meaty, cheesy, salad-packed glory. But, of course, you can’t have a burger without a side of fries, and you can’t be declared a winner until you finish every last one.

Competitors are given 30 minutes to lick their plate clean and complete the challenge. Many have tried, and many have failed – including Jamie on his first attempt.

But, undeterred, Jamie boldly returned to Edgeworth Bowling Club on Tuesday evening for the sequel, The Burginator 2: Rise of the Fries. Here’s how it all went down…

The Video

Victorious and lost for words (or perhaps just struggling to breathe), Jamie claimed his winnings of a $70 bistro voucher and $20 bar voucher.

When asked how he prepared himself for this gastronomic game of human grit, Jamie’s secret is eating watermelon the night before.

Think you can polish off one of these burger bad boys? Head to Edgeworth Bowling Club and try your luck today!

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