Maitland Park Bowling Club site gets new lease of life

Maitland City Council has unveiled plans for the staged reopening of the former Maitland Park Bowling Club site.

The announcement comes after its demolition late last year.

With safety at the forefront, the council is embarking on a meticulous process throughout April to grant public access to specific priority areas of the site.

The initial phase includes the opening of the car park, now accessible to visitors, along with the grass thoroughfare adjacent to the hockey fields.

“We have approached the demolition process with utmost care, prioritizing safety above all else. We remain committed to remediation efforts over the forthcoming months,” Manager of Building Projects and Services, Todd Stanley said.

In response to the identification of asbestos contamination in the soil beneath the former building, the council has taken proactive measures to mitigate risks to public health. Installation of sprinklers aims to control the spread of dust, ensuring the safety of visitors to the site.

Following thorough soil sampling and laboratory analysis, remediation works for the former Bowling Club site are projected to conclude in the latter half of 2024. General Manager Jeff Smith expressed gratitude for the community’s patience during this period of transition, affirming the council’s anticipation of seeing the site bustling with activity once again.

As the council progresses through the phased reopening, residents and visitors alike can look forward to enjoying the revitalized space, marking a new chapter in the history of the former Maitland Park Bowling Club site.