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LOVE YOUR GUT: We try local Tea Gardens Kombucha

In times of stress your stomach, and of course your frazzled brain, can really take a hit. We’re sure we are not alone in reading up about “gut health” and simple ways to improve it.

This led us to kombucha – an ancient, slightly effervescent, beverage derived from tea and consumed for its detoxifying and energising properties – which has been touted to settle the stomach with its positive probiotic effect.

So, we wanted to give it a go and what better way to go than local. Headed up by Jeff Low (who has been an advocate for drinking the ‘buch for over 25 years), Tea Gardens Kombucha is one of Australia’s biggest kombucha producers. And they are just up the road!

We put in our online order and within a few days a box of lightly bubbling goodness was on our front step. Here’s what we found.

It’s delicious

When our order arrived we put it straight into the fridge and that afternoon cracked a Coconut Lime & Bitters. Absolutely freakin’ delicious. And sugar free. And low carb.

All you need is a nice glass, a pretty flower (or miniature paper umbrella) and a good imagination and you could be on holiday sipping a Pina Colada on a tropical island.

Actually, all of the flavours we tried – even the Tumeric which we were a little apprehensive about – were super enjoyable. The kombucha has a gentle sweetness to it, not like soft drink but also not bitter as you may expect of something made from green tea.

It’s great value

Having looked at kombucha in the supermarket and service station it seems $4.00 per bottle is pretty standard but these guys start at about $1.70 a bottle. The also have 800ml bottles for those who want maximum bang for your buck and delivery is free nationwide.

There’s a LOT to choose from

We are not going to lie, looking at the website was a little overwhelming. Particularly for those of us new to the world of kombucha, its various styles and flavours.

Tea Gardens Kombucha have their original kombucha offering plus apple cider vinegar and hemp varieties. To avoid confusion and get a good overview of the product we went with a TGK Mixed Box which is a mixed dozen of their original style in flavours such as Coconut & Lime Bitters, Mango, Berry, Ginger and Tumeric.

The TGK Mixed Box is a carton of 12 x 330ml bottles and costs $29.90 including delivery – it was a brilliant start to our kombucha conversion.

To find out more you can visit the Tea Gardens Kombucha website

Written by Newcastle Live

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