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LOOKING FOR GOLDIE: New podcast investigates local mystery

Looking For Goldie is the new True Crime podcast produced by local criminal defence lawyer Lauren and local musician, Duke.

It’s a gripping and often hilarious tale of mystery and intrigue about a crime committed right here in the Hunter.

The podcast not only uncovers the mystery of Goldie’s disappearance but dives into the story of Lauren coming to terms with the emotional and often bewildering journey of discovering Goldie’s fate.

The first episode tells the story of the day Lauren’s life changed forever.

She awoke to a foreboding scene. It was pouring rain and a large black truck was slowly pulling up outside her house. The time was 6:30 am and by 4:30 pm the same day, Goldie, the enigmatic subject of the podcast, had gone missing.

You can check out the first episode on Spotify below, or grab it on your favourite podcast service. You can even check out a picture of Goldie on the Podcast’s Instagram page.